Legend Group Limited (Legend) and China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) teamed up as strategic partners at an official signing ceremony in Beijing today.

Through complementing expertise and resources in business bundling, marketing, customer services and industry promotions, the partners will now be able to develop and provide further enhanced and diversified network application products and services to their customers based on 'Collaborating Applications' developed by Legend.

China Telecom also announced today at the press conference that it is now an official member of the Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing (IGRS) Working Group, further enhancing the promotion of IGRS standard. Developed for the National Grid, Deepcomp 6800 supercomputer possesses super computing power as well as sophisticated processing capability. It can reach a peak computing speed of 5.324 GFLOPS, an actual computing speed of 4.183 GFLOPS, and an overall efficiency of 78.5%. Deepcomp 6800 ranked 14th among the world's top 500 supercomputers in the most recent ranking announced in mid-November. This is the highest ranking that a Chinese supercomputer has ever attained.

As partners, Legend and China Telecom will focus development on areas of strengths and dominance, delivering convenient and user-friendly enriched bundling products and services to customers. The newly formed alliance will also work on Collaborating Applications technology and broadband networks to produce a new generation of digital information terminals and services. Computer products at Legend will be preinstalled with ADSL broadband access to connect with China Telecom's China Vnet, providing greater access convenience and more diverse applications. Concurrently, Sunny Information Technology Service, Inc. (Legend's service support organization) will also enter into an agreement with China Telecom, becoming a customer service agency for its broadband services.


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