To match its high speed memory card products, Taiwan-based PDC will be rolling out its USB2.0 High Speed Card Reader and Flash Drive products on a worldwide scale in Q1 2004.

The engineering samples of the products were completed and tested in December 2003 and results show that PDC's products currently rank number one in the industry in terms of speed performance.

For PDC's USB2.0 Flash Drive, the read speed resulted over 14.5MegaBytes/Sec. (MB/S) and write speed resulted over 12.1MB/Sec, making PDC's product to be the fastest USB Flash Drive available in the market place. Having a leadership position in the MMC and SD card sector already, PDC will begin to diversify into other memory card related products for its customers to have a full line of choice. Product lines for 2004 will include MMC, SD, RSMMC, miniSD, SD I/O products, USB1.1 Flash Drive, USB2.0 High Speed Flash Drive, USB1.1 Reader, USB2.0 High Speed Reader, and many other in-style products.


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