Viscount Systems today announced The Company has completed and is shipping the Mandarin version of MESH for upcoming projects in China.

The Mandarin version provides users a choice of Chinese or Chinese/English displays and Mandarin audible instructions and feedback.

Paul Liu, President of ACNC, a leading supplier of telecom and security products to Asia and North America, commented, "We are very excited about being MESH distributors in Asia. The opportunities for a sophisticated, next-generation entry system with Chinese characters and language support is incredible." In 2003, China saw unprecedented growth in new construction. According to figures released last week by the Shanghai Statistics Bureau, construction in that city alone is up a record 28% to (US) $12.5 Billion.

Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount, commented: "The rollout of MESH into the worldwide marketplace has begun. China is a market we expect to do very well in with this product, but I do not expect the sales of this product to be regionalized or concentrated in any particular market. We are currently working on various foreign-language versions of the product in anticipation of orders from those parts of the world. We are extremely pleased with the results of the 26 North American MESH installations completed in 2003. It is now time to begin to aggressively sell MESH."


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