The Telecom Research Institute of China's Ministry of Information Industry has begun to issue the first batch of TD-SCDMA network licenses, and ZTE and Potevio have been among the first Chinese communications equipment providers to obtain their licenses.

To obtain an access license, a company's equipment must undergo a range of strict indoor and in-field tests. The series of wireless equipment provided by Potevio that fully supports TD-SCDMA HSDPA has passed the relevant telecom equipment tests and been given a licenses.

Though ZTE and Potevio have both confirmed obtaining their respective licenses, TD equipment providers Datang and TD Tech have not published their relevant information. These latter two companies are expected to gain their licenses soon.

TD HSDPA is an important technology that is used by TD-SCDMA to increase the speed of downloading capacity and data services. It is applicable for high-speed downlink data services such as online order programs, real-time news and live broadcasting of sports.


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