Digital River, Inc., a global leader in e-commerce outsourcing, today announced that it has expanded international e-commerce operations and capabilities for the Symantec Corp., in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

As part of this APAC initiative, Digital River built and launched two new online stores for Symantec, the world leader in Internet security. The e-commerce sites, which are being used to support the online marketing and sales of Symantec's popular security software products, have been designed to meet key localization and cultural requirements in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In addition to hosting the fully localized sites located at, Digital River is performing payment processing in the Hong Kong Dollar and New Taiwanese Dollar while supporting commonly used payment methods for these markets. Digital River is also providing fraud prevention, digital product fulfillment, reporting, e-marketing, and e-mail based customer service in Chinese.

Symantec's new online stores for Hong Kong and Taiwan feature localized versions of the company's most popular, brand-name security software titles, including Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall. For convenience, purchases will be delivered electronically via digital download.

While helping Symantec strengthen its e-commerce presence in the APAC, Digital River will continue to host and manage Symantec's existing global online consumer business. Today, Digital River manages more than 40 of Symantec's online consumer stores, which are localized for seven languages, transact in more than 15 currencies and support sales of more than a thousand product sku's. In addition to hosting and managing e-commerce operations for Symantec's consumer business, Digital River also provides support for Symantec's online OEM and affiliate programs and subscription services.


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