Airpath Wireless, operating management systems for wireless Hotspot provision, has signed a roaming agreement with PCCW, one of Hong Kong's leading integrated communications companies.

The bilateral agreement makes PCCW a new roaming partner for Airpath in Hong Kong and adds about 200 Hotspots to Airpath's already impressive list of roaming locations. Roaming service will become available when PCCW has the proper infrastructure live and in place; PCCW expects the infrastructure to be operational by the end of this quarter. The agreement was settled by ComSpire, who is a referral partner for Airpath as well as an IT service provider.

Under the agreement, providers within the Airpath Provider Alliance (APA) will be able to let their customers roam onto any of PCCW's 200 Hotspots in Hong Kong, extending the Airpath Provider Alliance coverage footprint into the Asia Pacific region. In addition, PCCW Hotspot customers will be able to roam onto Airpath Provider Alliance hotspots in the United States and all over the world.


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