Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI), a Taiwan-based ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) company, today announced the launch of its new 802.11g wireless ADSL gateway (54 Mbps max. transmission speed).

With the successful integration of USI's solid wireless technology and application software development capability, this new ADSL2+ compliant device can offer higher performance in transmission efficiency and customized functions for customers.

According to the research by In-Stat, the demand of the home networking for ADSL and wireless gateways will reach US$2.2 billion in 2004 with a total shipping of 23 million units. Wireless gateways, accounting for more than 22.5% of the market value, is the fast rising star in this segment and the growth trend will be strong all the way into 2006. For penetrating the broadband market, USI has established close collaboration with GlobespanVirata–a global leading broadband networking chipset vendor. By doing so, USI anticipates future requirements for ADSL gateway systems and aims at the high-end application market. Samples of USI's 802.11g wireless ADSL gateway are now undergoing test by our major customers, and the mass production of this device is expected to start in Q2, 2004.

USI's 802.11g wireless ADSL gateway is ADSL2+ compliant and offers higher performance in transmission efficiency. By providing features like router, printer server, and VPN, USI now offers the most comprehensive functional choices possible in a gateway. With the introduction of this new device, USI will enter the advanced wireless broadband market and lay the ground for extending into the digital household appliance connectivity market.


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