China Telecom Research Institute (CTRI), part of China Telecom, has licensed the STEM network investment model from Analysys as a tool for modeling the economics of new service offerings in the fast-growing Chinese telecoms market.

In the Chinese market as a whole, fixed lines are forecast to grow by around 40 million in 2004 (equivalent to the entire UK fixed network) while mobile subscribers are expected to exceed 350 million by 2005. In addition, the Chinese government has set targets for 20 million broadband subscribers to be connected by 2005.

STEM is a financial evaluation and presentation tool for networks with many benefits for strategy, marketing and financial planners. The tool offers a robust and efficient platform for creating business and investment plans which embrace alternative market, technical and economic futures. For an equipment vendor, for instance, STEM is a persuasive medium for communicating equipment sales propositions, and adds great value to the work of marketing and business development units. STEM models specific technologies, such as TDM, DSL, VoIP, GSM, UMTS and WLAN, according to general connection / traffic / location dimensioning rules. These technologies are modeled alongside common revenue and cost variables, which expedite the output of standard financials. STEM was directly designed to address the structural complexities of network dimensioning and business case modeling, delivers high-level insight through its clear, iconic interface, as well as a more consistent and efficient approach to the underlying analysis.

Separately, Huawei Technologies has also licensed the STEM software as a platform for evaluating and communicating the benefits of technological alternatives to its customers around the world.


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