March 15 is China's Consumers' Rights Day, but the country got an early gift this past week when portal helped open an online forum for Chinese consumers and enterprises to discuss and settle quality problems of products. China Consumers' Association helped setup the website located at

Consumers' complaints about shoddy products and bad service get much press in China, helped by vigilante consumer advocates like Wang Hai. And it's not uncommon for Chinese courts to hear cases about products worth less than CNY5.00 (USD0.60), and to rule in favor of the consumer.

"Through the Internet, Chinese consumers have a more convenient and efficient way to complain and solve quality problems," said Teng Jiacai, secretary-general of the CCA.

Founded in 1984, the CCA is the most important organization for Chinese consumers to complain and defend their rights and interests. By the end of 2003, the CCA had accepted almost 8 million cases and recovered about CNY5 billion (USD602.4 million) for consumers.

"The CCA and will make a scientific analysis of information on consumer complaints and the reconciliation between consumers and enterprises, and will regularly publicize the analysis result," said Wu Gaohan, deputy secretary-general of the CCA.


  1. I am in Belgium. I have found a China Website with very good prices.I have made 2 orders to test 1 month ago Ihave paid what they have said to me. They ask me 2 times supplement to pay and now they ask me one more time a supplement of 85 euro for shipment witch is already paid.I have see more customers which have problems with this website and nobody receive his goods. Can you verify if this website is a suspicious website. The name is
    The name they give me for the payment is:Xiao Na HUANG
    Thank you in advance for your answer. Can you give me the address internet to make a complain to the policy

  2. While I don't condone theft in anyway regarding on-line commerce, I have to say "shame on you" for thinking you could actually pay prices as low as this website posts for items which are extremely rare in the first place.

    I am a wholesaler of electronics and even when I purchase in larger quantites I cannot buy at these prices.

    Sadly, there is little you can do except pay a private investigator to track down the culprit and beat your Euros out of them.

  3. Hi,
    An answer to marc reply to Pierart on the 3rd April.
    Well all I can say is "shame on you" marc! for not knowing what's going on in your country of China. Your answer is a typical cop out, as expect from most Chinese. Some of the prices on these bogus web sites are competitive with western prices. Shame on your authorities for not doing anything about the online fraud. Here in Australia if we tried these scams we would have the police knocking on our door in no time at all.
    Also, it seems there is a culture in China as to not answer emails, so I dont expect one from you people.
    And I for one won't even bother to go to Beijing for the Olympics.
    Alan Edwards

  4. Please can someone help me , i was robbed by this company, i sent money on friday last week but since then they appear offline (all the group) this is the company, and they dont reply my mail, what should i do , please give advise

    Fujiyama Technology Co. Ltd.
    and this is the website

  5. can any one help us? i was robbed by crystal of oemphone technology when we paid for our things. she is not sending our goods and not even sending our money back now making blame excuses that customs siezed our things then she should at least tell us before that she is doing illegal sales. how do we know that this company who has such a big website is doing fraud with every 1 and even making illegal products…plz can anyone tell who can help us?

  6. Really folks, how could you send money to a company in China and expect to get what you paid for? Anyone that shops online with a China-based company is just asking for disappointment.

  7. I have bought a refrigerator at GOME store
    in Shi qiao pu Chongqing.The sales person promised in writing the delivery within 24 hours,or money back.The fridge was not delivered within 48 hours,so I went for my money back.What a nightmare!.. After about one hour fighting with the sales person and manager we were promised our money back in our bank account but only after 7 days.We contacted the newspapers in Chongqing,but they don't care about consumers in that city.So I contacted GOME on their complaint phone number and was told that it was a normal situation to return the money after 7 days.they are borrowing my money interest free.I would strongly suggest to any foreigner in China to shop either at Walmart,Carefour,Metro or other foreigh owned stores.At least if all foreigners shop away from
    Gome,they will lose that very good please DO NOT SHOP AT GOME UNLESS YOU CAN WALK AWAY WITH YOUR PURCHASE.

  8. i want contact to Mr.Abdallah kappo,
    because our company want to trade with Fujiyama Technology Co. Ltd. & we want know about his experience of trading with this company.

  9. i have made an order for a laptop from this website and i paid in full $694.00 usd. i was told i would get tracking number but haven't as long as two weeks.
    from the time i have finalised the payment i connot get in contact with the persons i was communicating wth before, which was always there but know that i have send payment they are not.

    how can i get a reddress for this?

    please reply.

  10. sorry andrew, that website just screams 'i am fake'. did you not notice all the typos. website was not professional done. pricing in euros is weird. ip location in china, figures. prices seems higher than others places. not the best for bargains. i'd stay away, seems shady.

  11. I also made a payment of USD 415/- in order to buy a nokia N96 16 gb phone,the website was
    After making the payment, the contact person said that the phone will be shipped and i recieved a tracking number also.But instead of a phone i receive a jersey.I've been trying to contact the relevant website for a week now, bt no one has replied me. Now im quite certain that i have been tricked.Pls , to who ever it may concern take the necessary legal action against this web site.I have all the documents to prove what i am saying and more than glad to help.The website is still operational.

  12. Yes i sent money thru moneygram and receieved a tracking number after a week tracking online. The package was received by a person in Chicago but they gave me his tracking to fool me. I finally got in contact with the company. I told them who the sales person that was doing the invoice they"said that person was stealing and was fired". And i couldn't get my money back. sincerly

  13. Hello I have place an order on . I have sent $440 usd and now they are saying something is wrong with custom traiff . They don't want to give me my money or the goods I have order. \ under same person. Where should I complain?

  14. jianhua guan he has account on bank of china. Please china gobverment lock this guy n send him to da jail n give our money back. How come they doing it in chinais one of richest country with very good security

  15. here is another china website Many people have been scammed. If you have read this note, please do not be stupid to buy the products that you will never received or refund. If anyone knows how to get their refund, please submit a note.

  16. I paid this company in Beijing US$400 by Western Union, they sent to me the wrong goods, fake Sony USB flash drives. And then they ask for the shipping bill on the parcel so they can claim from EMS. I have thrown away the bill, so they said they have already sent out the actual parcel, as they sent 2, and they other one didn't arrive. Now they won't send out again and I lose all the money I sent them. Can anyone help. Their website is, I email them and they not answer. Even phone no answer. Also no one on Skype now.

  17. I HAVE BOUGHT AN IPOD ON THE WEB.. NAME BARGAINEB.COM, Address: NO. 108 YuanYangKeJi haidian District BeiJing China
    TEL : 0086-010-86199634
    MSN : [email protected]
    EmaiL : [email protected]


  18. I paid this company in Beijing $250=by western union. This
    Company is Now there a requesting for additional
    $100 for customs. I have refused and want my money back and there
    have stop replying. Where can i get help?

  19. i paid 294pounds thru western Union to WuSong Ding for two items one is iphone and cannon 50d.
    they are now asking me to pay 122pounds for customs .
    Can you pls really help me.
    I dont know what to do ?
    Can i get my money back or shall i pay 122pounds and wait for the items.

    Can you pls suggest.

    Thank you.

  20. I have paid for items from and have not recieved the merchandise. I too have found that their instant messenger is turned off during daytime hours in china. Its too bad the law enforcement in china does so little to shut these sort of people down. you would'nt think it so difficult to find Mr. WuSong Ding after so many complaints.

  21. Angie – I had the same exact problem with I sent first $420 USD for a Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 for a sample. They sent me the same fake USB drives which had a handwritten invoice to a person in Madrid, Spain. I told them about this – they replied that I needed to send another payment to help pay for their losses and in return they would send 2 of them. I foolishly did so. Since I have had contact with "Shirly" on skype and have saved my transcripts and well as talking with a Susanliu who is still on skype. I have had to create new skype names and re-add this Susan just to get ahold of he because she kept blocking me on skype. I was suppose to hear from this Susan lady today from her request to talk with her manager about my problem. It SUCKS!!!!! I'm trying to fight as hard as I can to get my money back or the goods – which I'm thinking they don't have them to begin with. :( So say away from them. I might have just learned a costly lesson worth $840 as a college student of who to deal with over in China. Please email me if the same thing is happening to you or you have a case against this company. Also, their website is no longer loading as of an hour ago. I will continue my crusade!

  22. I was just about to spend 300.. on a t.v from fair-cheap, but then I found this web sight. Thank you for the honesty feedback.. I will go no further with fair-cheap or any other asian scammer !! sorry for your losses people I wish the chinese would police themselves on this area !1 what a crazy world

  23. is a scam, after reading this site, the same thing has happened to me. I paid 277euros to a western Union bank to WuSong Ding. It's been three weeks and no goods.

    They now wants another 132euros for customs.

    "what goes around, comes around"

    South Africa, Cape Town

  24. I have come across this company( and decided to order some product from them. At first they looked very credible and because of the methods of payment(which seemed too be secure) I decided to order..They communicated with me via mail and online chat before the transaction. They answered all my questions in a good manner..That's why I decided to do it.

    I then went to my local bank and inquire about making the payment. They assisted me with the process and also told me that the bank has a scanning process( to scan and check the validity of the said bank account in China etc) and that also proofed to be clear. After doing the payment I notify fair cheap and they acknowledge receipt of details. Even cross checked my physical address with me.

    After that I could not get through to them at all. Not via mail,online chat or otherwise. It seemed that they have blocked my IP address and the moment I contact them they just ignore me. What can I do do resolve this problem. It is not about the money,but to catch these people scamming others!!!!

  25. I did telephone number search (through on for fair-cheap listed number (0086-010-85925784), which end up a number listed for a resident in a 25 floor apartment building in Beijing featuring only 1 bed rm, 1 bath and one kitchen. So it's pretty clear it either give out a random number or it is run out of a tiny Beijing apartment. Which pretty it is a fake company with a fake website.

  26. Thank you all for your honesty. I have been browsing for weeks adding up all the things that I want to purchase. I am so glad I did a search for complaints against this site. Nothing came up before. I thought it was a scam at first but some things like the bank wire (I thought the China banks wold grant a request to get the money wired back. Your losses will come as winnings three fold.

  27. I just get scam for a company called the web is operational, and it doesnt look to be a scam, they contact you send you price lists and payment information, the company is based on Xaimen china, so I ant to know were to complaint and turn down the ilegit. bussines. I send the money for the camera and once they have it, is imposible to get any answer, but before they tell you is no a scam because they say ¡our business is based on trust!! We have to punish them and one way is not DOING BUSSINES WITH CHINESE PEOPLE.. even good bussines is the only way chinese autorities will do something. I hope someone knows what to do? anything is helpful.


    sorry for my english.. im from mexico.

  28. "sorry for my english.. im from mexico"

    Ah yes…. that trustworthy source of export from yesteryear.

    pot, black, kettle, calling and all that?

  29. other site cheated me with Eur 5000, they dont make supply after receiving the payments.

    Chinese sites cannot be trusted at any situations. Now chinese Govt should punish these cheaters seriously

  30. This web name that is scam so be careful with guys, they sent you a item and all scrap, afer you paid, sombody should put the people in jail

  31. As for Shopping for Good Deals on Repair Parts for iPhone, and things like that? We have came across a company by the name of bangbotech which offers wholesale pricing for Repair parts for: ipod, iphone, and many other hand held devices as well as Accessories. They do have a WebPage that you can see that is loaded with awesome products that they do say they sell.

    BUYERS BEWARE:: We made purchase for a Test Order Sample of 15 Pieces, and wanted the very fast shipping which they said DHL? Okay we normal use UPS as they are the best Overall. We ordered by Western Union for them on the 25th of Jan 2009 and order was not process until the 29th of Jan 2009? We contact them at 1st as they said they had product always in stock to later find out after they sent us Email stating they were sold out of 1 product and had to wait 1 Day to have stock then shipout?

    This is a Bunch of Garbage as what they are doing is waiting 1 Day and at the end of the Day getting all of people's money and Flipping it over so they can increase their bottom line and overall have more money in the pocket? Also as for DHL they said it should take 3-4 Days for us to receive in our Hands? IT has been over 7 Days now and the product is still in TRANSIT? If you our going to purchase from them and need product very FAST Do not purchase from them as you will be dissapointed tremendously. We need product very fast and these people are a total let down.

    We our still waiting and have found out that they are the one of 4 Companies in China that Sell Parts, but they are the last 4 as they are not a very big company at all. The say on there website they have 50-100 Employess but are they all at Lunch or on Vacation. Its not right as for we paid extra Money for International Express DHL with these People. DO NOT MAKE PURCHASE AND PLEASE READ ALL THIS to not buy from them unless you need product in 2 weeks these are the people to go to for sure.




    Company Name: Shenzhen Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd.
    Street Address: Room No.741,7F,SEG Economic Building,Shenzhen,China
    City: Shenzhen
    Province/State: Guangdong
    Country/Region: China (Mainland)
    Zip: 518000
    Telephone: 86-755-82797652
    Mobile Phone: 13926513529
    Fax: 86-755-82796914


    Kind Regards;


  32. Big bitches from china, all are scammers. ordered nokia n900 and got wrong tracking number and not picking my phones any more not replying i have complained to interpol lets see what china interpol will do now.

    Shanghai Minuye ltd shiptrust co ltd

    Beneficiary Institution?Bank Of China, Putian Branch
    Payee: AIYING CHEN
    ACCOUNT: 455230701880085644
    Bank Address: 76 wenxian road, chengxiang district, Putian , Fujian , China
    Company Address: No 258,Wenhua Xi Road, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China

    any other request please you contact me.

    best regards
    yahoo: [email protected]
    msn: [email protected]
    TEL: 86-15963550235

  33. I bought on december 2 new IPHONE 32gb paying 540,00USD just as trial and thanks god i didnt purchase more staff……
    firstly she made me wait couple of days before shipout and after more than one week she gave me a tracking number probably of somebody else that instead of come to Italy went to australia….so right i asked explanation said was EMS fault!
    After then she was like don't worry we contacted EMS and your iphones are coming back to us and once got them i will send you straight away again…..all of this after 3-4weeks
    In genuary she was not answering anymore this bloody bitch disappering from MSN too……I really hope you die!
    Does anyone know how could i claim my money back or what should i do?
    this are her details where i can see she leaves to everyone:

    yahoo: [email protected]
    msn: [email protected]
    TEL: 86-15963550235

  34. Well like you I decided to order online from a company in China if you come across this company do not deal with them they are frauds. I paid for an item and I still haven't received it, this company said that the item would take 4-6 days and it's been 30 days they no longer respond to emails. If you are reading this don't pay anyone through Western Union ever.

  35. I paid to this China wholesale by Money Gram for 100% Original Kingston USB Flash drives (DT200/128GB abd DT200/64GB)
    They send wrong items and also counterfeit goods (DT150/64GB).
    After number of attempts to contact them, Flora Wu known as Sales Manager, agreed for me to return the products.
    However they don't want to send my purchased items. They said returned items have not been received despite Canada Post Service stated items delivered. It's almost 2 months now since I paid for the goods.
    They’re hardly response to my email. Try to phone and MSN them by NO answer.
    Anyone knows how to claim my money back?
    Any laws that can stop the frauds??

  36. I too have been caught by online scam I ordered a camera and paid through Western Union to a company in China called High-Shopping they also said customs held up the camera and wanted me to pay 150us to get it out have not heard from them since.They have now changed their name to have given up on getting anything so beware.

  37. Isocceryou is the worst place for customer service do not buy from them they are not responsible if you get something wrong the will not fix it. the worst//

  38. I would like to ask your help, I purchased iphone from the this website and i sent for them the money total 340 USD by western unioin, but they didn't send me any item, they told me you should purchase another 9 Pcs, it seems they are fake company, so please help me what i have to do to return back my money.

  39. Can anyone help me? I brought a machine from the following company:

    The machine arrived was completely broken. However, the company denies any responsibility. And the DHL company only compensate part of the loss. However, what worst now is, the above company took all the DHL compensation money and I left with nothing except the broken machine and AUD$4000 money lost.

  40. is a full scam web. I bought a laptop July 17th and never received it. Paid $500 for it.

    Do not get caught. always pathetic excuses

  41. i have paid an i phone on 6daysget.
    first time i have ordered something from china and i will never buy anything anymore from china.
    this side is a fraud since 3 weeks and still waiting for my i phone.but now i am certain that it will never be delivered.and i can not find any side to complain.
    i will give you all their address so you do not become a victim like me.
    Email / Live Chat
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    Gmail : [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Enterprise mailbox:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Company address
    No.69 North Road HuBin Xiamen Fujian China
    Postal Code

    361001Office Tel

  42. is fraud company and I never get my money back. I didn't received the products that I paid for. I put this company info in this website somehow it got filter by chinatechnews..

  43. I ordered jogging pants from this compay SHAOXING SOUTH TRADING CO LTD ,they sent me goods which i never ordeded now wont answer my mails and wont answer the fone they are fraudsters please do not deal with ,they send correct samples but on the shipment its all used goods

  44. Hefei Xiaole Trade Co., Ltd.
    also a scammer. Do not pay for them even they scam the money from customer which pay through paypal.
    below is their contact details.

    Company Name: Hefei Xiaole Trade Co., Ltd.
    Street Address: 1618 Qianshan Road,Shushan Area
    City: Hefei
    Province/State: Anhui
    Country/Region: China (Mainland)
    Zip: 230022
    Telephone: 86-551-5566941
    Mobile Phone: 008613855115902
    Fax: 86-551-5566941

  45. Warning do not trade with this company .Owned By Americans and Canadians ripping people off through Chines Companies. Stay away from, CBSC workshop, V. V. S., LLC – Vital Vehicle Sourcing,, Flat Fitty caps. Or anything Tian Waters is involved in.
    It would take me ten pagers to list the hundreds of unanswered email and unlawful practises.

    I found Chinies people good.


  46. On 31 Jan 2011 I made an online purchase of a dress from a chinese company I immediately received a payment confirmation email but their email did not mention the estimated delivery date as they claim they do so on the website. The average delivery time as claimed on their website is 20 days. On 20 Feb i sent them an email requesting expected delivery. On 21 Feb they sent me an email requsting confirmation that it's ok to deliver the dress by end march. I confirmed that i would expect the dress by end march as they requested. Today 5 march i received anothe email letting me know that will refund my money because they cannot deliver ontime! So over a month after placing my order and holding my money they let me know that they will not deliver me the dress! The same thing happened to my sister who also placed an order for a wedding dress. Adding to that they even offer me an apology!

  47. stay away from Guangzhou Yinhe Inflatable Products Co.they are cheaters,bought tent from them,was noting I order and they do not care very poor job.

  48. Be very careful ordering from: Jackstar Digital Technology Holding Co., Ltd. No. 43, Yuanlin Rd. Zhuhai, Gd, China
    Zhuhai Guangdong Zip/Postal Code: 519000

    We had order the goods came all defectives and Mr. Jackie Lie did not want to answer to any or our complaint.

  49. I have been member with Alibaba for the last 3years and thru alibaba M/s.Shijiazhuang South Coal Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and
    M/s.Hebei Wayne Chemical Stock Limited – contacted me for supply of PVC resin, when the material reached my factory it turned out to be chalk powder like thing,which we could not analyse what it is till today(USD15,000Loss), when i made a complaint to Alibaba, theygave me a case number & they took all the documents and finallyafter 40days they said since these two supplier did not contact thru Alibaba,we cannot process the case, it is a shear eyewash on the part of alibaba,eventhough those two companies are Gold Member of Alibaba,even though i submitted that they came thru alibaba with a valid email proof, now alibaba stopped responding to my emails.So i truly and sincerely request all the people who are using Alibaba not to trust them for the simple reason even though myself and the supplier were Gold member of alibaba, they never took pain to identify the problem and get it solved for their members. I am concerned about others also who can scammed by these kind of chinese suppliers.

  50. I am in India. I have found a China Website with very good prices.I have made more than 5 orders to test I placed and paid only for one ORDER 1 month ago. I have paid what they have said for one order ie Euro 263 through Bank TT to company. They ask me 1 time supplement to pay 238 euros including shipment , and now they ask me one more time a supplement of 150 US DLLORS FOR CUSTOMS. i ASKED THE COMPANY TO GIVE DETAILS AND I did not get. Now the company is offline. my order No from company is 20110507092541. I have feeling, more customers have problems with this website and nobody receive his goods. To get the item I have paid my two months salary of mine. Can you verify if website is a suspicious website. The name is and get my item or get my money back. Please
    The payment details is as per below
    (2)BANK ADDRESS:NO.89 of Industrial Road, NanYang HeNan China
    (3) First name: Xianbo
    Last name: Du
    (4)Bank Account :250708493956
    (6)Zip: 473000
    Thank you in advance for your answer. Can you give me the address internet to make a complain to the police
    Please help me
    Javid Ahmed


    Export Sales
    Export Dept.

    Hebei Jinlun Chemicals Co.,Ltd

    Address:No.591,XinHua Road ,XinHua District,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China
    Direct tel/fax: 00-86-311-67662418
    Direct e-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]


  52. I had a dealing with A company called Tradetang who acted on behalf of sellers who sold guitars at good prices. They say they act as a guarantor of the buyer. Sorry they do not and the repairs so far have cost me 250 euro and they do not want to know.

  53. beware, it fake , i lost over $ 1000. to get nothing, This company in beijing china , name Haixia zheng,they also have alot other named, (u guy can read in scam and fraud in western union)

  54. I have paid a company in Xiamen of €1700.00 and they will not release my products they told me it was on the ship and cant produce to me a bill of laden.

    Can you please advise me as to what actions i can take

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Tracey Brougham

  55. I bought 3 Iriscopes from it stopped working and the company is playing dead bug. Avoid this cheap iriscopes and especially this company with – NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  56. this is a fraud company make website for doing fraud. i give a big order laptop on this company and I pay already but they did not give my product please i want to inform all company do not make relation between in this company they are cheater there is to girls in this company her name is Ms Lisa and Ms Rita they both are a big layer and big cheater please be care full from this website ok.

    "DO not order from the company!
    I have ordered a gift basket ($120 + $5) from the company and the basket was delivered on time. The products delivered are completely different from what company has showed at website. The local sub-contractor make up a basket with cheap and aged item. The values and quality of the product is very poor and embarrassed my friend and myself.

  58. i am cheated by bank of china newyork branch , i transfered money
    to dong lie xiamen a/c tt,china
    but cheated me and not send latop as
    shown in photo

  59. I bought laptop but they cheated us. they did not send anything.
    Szhaikun Electronic World Trade Wholesale
    Office Address
    Room906, 4#,GongYi Buliding, No.55,Zhenhua Rd,Futian Dist., Shenzhen, China,518000

    Factory Address
    2/F, Building 02, No.14 Luogang Industrial Zone, Buji Town

    Email:[email protected]
    MSN:[email protected]
    Telephone : 0086-1508-0382-484

  60. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM Order Number:1003587518
    Shenzhen Value in Action Technology Co.,Ltd. Store No. 506564 Alibaba .com Alixpress
    9 weeks ego I order from them upat. PC after receiving packing I find the pc. Is not working next day I send pc. To store above .Now they have my many end pc. And after 7 weeks they refuse to send me pc. Or many back. They toke my 173$ for nothing for stilling many from people you can be arrest any country bud not in China
    Scheme ON YOU ALIBABA .COM Alixpress to support stores lake those .HOW I CAN TRUST YOUR WEB.IF YOU SUPPORT STORE hose is stilling many’ most positive feedback on the store web. Are fake don t trust them Nick TANG worker for the store was forcing me to remove my negative feedback from there web. To stopping people baying from them I will be writing on internet very single day to avoided baying from Alixpress and store Shenzhen Value in Action Technogy
    You can have my many bud you cant stop me to posting so people avoided yours web. Sit.

  61. Here is a name you do not have to order from
    they are anxiously when you want to order goods but again you have paid so you will hear no more
    was in contact with a company in China so when I received information about where I would pay into an account
    get it up then cut out these companies they are just scams with the
    When you pay a lot so you get Tracking so it goes some days when you look back it is not late and contact them again so they must have the tax before they send it

    Contact: Miss Sophia
    Tel: 0086-150-80156235

    Email: [email protected]

    MSN: szhanmoo2011[email protected]
    Contact information:
    Shenzhen Address: 13F-14F Saiga Building, Huaqiang South District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Airways
    Xiamen Address: 15F Tiantai Building, Hubin Road, Siming Area, Xiamen, Fujian, Airways

    she has detYou Can place a order to us on the company website,, if you are intersted in other products, pls feel free to Tell me the model name by email, I will give u our best price.

    Any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact us. Hope to do business with u soon.

    Mr Stone

    Email: [email protected]

    Address: 8 / F, Tower C, Shenfang Mansion, Zhenhua Rd # 100
    tea company and she Eiger many companies down

    Account Name: Yejin Li
    Account Number: 6013 8264 0700 3852 502
    Bank Name: Bank of China Fujian Branch
    Bank Code: BKCH CN BJ 720
    Bank Address: 136 Wusi Road, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Prov., Airways

  62. Szhaikun Electronic World Trade Wholesale
    Office Address
    Room906, 4#,GongYi Buliding, No.55,Zhenhua Rd,Futian Dist., Shenzhen, China,518000

    Factory Address
    2/F, Building 02, No.14 Luogang Industrial Zone, Buji Town

    Email:[email protected]
    MSN:[email protected]
    Telephone : 0086-1508-0382-484

    Cheat,cheat,cheat – to does not buy anything!!!! I lost 469 $ -SALES-ANDY LIN,ANDY LIN,ANDY LIN.

  63. I am from India, And as I have been frauded by one of the website from China i.e "" as according to there policy at website they says free shippment all over the world and i have paid them the amount which they have given in website i.e 449.0 USD and after that they said that I have to pay addition a traiff as per China rules and I have paid 180.0USD and now thay say to pay more for it.

    I request you to please show me the way,

    With Regards,

    Sharma S

  64. Szhaikun Electronic World Trade Wholesale
    Office Address
    Room906, 4#,GongYi Buliding, No.55,Zhenhua Rd,Futian Dist., Shenzhen, China,518000

    Factory Address
    2/F, Building 02, No.14 Luogang Industrial Zone, Buji Town
    Email:[email protected]
    MSN:[email protected]
    Telephone : 0086-1508-0382-484

    Cheat,cheat,cheat – to does not buy anything!!!! I lost 469 $ -SALES-ANDY LIN,ANDY LIN,ANDY LIN.

  65. szhaikun – andy lin – false company !!! i send 126$ for cell phone , but no cell phone, no answer, no money !!!!!! please watch the honey trap !!!!!

  66. i sent 126$, ordering cell phone. i was cheated – no phone, no answer and no money. this bloody thief scammed me !!!!!!!! i hope some one will pay him back !!!!!

    Szhaikun Electronic World Trade Wholesale
    Office Address
    Room906, 4#,GongYi Buliding, No.55,Zhenhua Rd,Futian Dist., Shenzhen, China,518000

    Factory Address
    2/F, Building 02, No.14 Luogang Industrial Zone, Buji Town

    Email:[email protected]
    MSN:[email protected]
    Telephone : 0086-1508-0382-484

  67. I have purchased shoes from a website called

    which is based in Bejing China. The company sent my item but I was at work when it arrived and it was sent back to them. I have checked with USPS and customs and the item has in fact been returned to the company, but they are ignoring my email request for a refund. I do not have the item, I never even received it, so it was not open or used. And it has been confirmed that the item is in their custody. But they are at this time refusing to respond and keeping my money. What can I do, please advise.
    Thank you

  68. Dear Mr. Wei Wang
    On 21 September 2011, we transferred USD 2000 to bank account No. 6013 8205 0099 8303 428 in your name. The money was intended for the purchase of device SN8 from
    We were issued with a tracking number for the subsequent shipment of the device by EMS. The number was: EE561564826CN.
    However, on 19 October, when the parcel was delivered to our office, we were very surprised to find that the design of the box was that of SN8, but the device inside the box is Guangdong, high imitation 89 decoder
    The price of Guangdong, high imitation 89 decoder is 700 ……….., which is worth about USD 120!!!
    We have paid you USD 2000 and against that money we received a device, which will not serve our technical purposes and is at least 20 times cheaper!
    I am attaching the bank payment order as evidence.
    To avoid any further complications, we suggest that we ship back this device (Guangdong, high imitation 89 decoder) for our account and you will send us the device SN8, which we ordered originally. Otherwise, please refund the money we paid.
    Please specify the address to which we have to return the device Guangdong, high imitation 89 decoder, which we received by mistake.
    Please specify all further details of the forthcoming shipment of device SN8.
    Send pictures as proof.
    Looking forward to your immediate reply

  69. List of names and phone scammers.

    Rose King
    Rose Li
    Wei Wang
    Fran Cui
    Mr. Cui Guo Yu-+86-419-2306100

    A prison are those persons!!!!!!!!!


  70. Shenzhen Szhaikun Electronic World Trade Wholesale
    Office Address
    Room906, 4#,GongYi Buliding, No.55,Zhenhua Rd,Futian Dist., Shenzhen, China,518000

    Factory Address
    2/F, Building 02, No.14 Luogang Industrial Zone, Buji Town

    Email:[email protected]
    MSN:[email protected]
    Telephone : 0086-1508-0382-484
    Bank Transfer (T/T) payment information :

    Benificiary Name: ShengXia Qin
    Bank name : Bank of china Fujian Branch
    Account : 6216 6164 0700 0286 988
    Swift Code :BKCHCNBJ720
    Country : China
    Bank Address :136 Wusi Road, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Prov., China.

    Same crook with a different info. Plz, Run as Fast as Your Leg Can Carry U. Scammer. HE WILL NEVER SHIP NOTHING. NADA!!!

    we suggest you to pay by Western Union
    Beneficiary Name: Nan Xie ( First Name: Nan, Last Name:Xie )

    Beneficiary Add: 18G 1 Building jiahuixincheng Fuhua Road Futian District ShenZhen City,Guangdong Province,China
    Beneficiary Tel:+86-755-82883118
    HOTLINE:0755 83235840
    Post Code:518000

    2)Payment By Bank T/T (Bank transfer from your company A/C to our company A/C)

    Bank name : HSBC HongKong
    Bank address: 1 Queen’s road central HongKong
    Bank code 004 (for local payment)
    Bank account:808 762264 838
    Bank swift code : HSBCHKHHHKH

    3?payment By paypal

    Paypal account is : [email protected]
    [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

  71. M/s Kaigui Industry Co. Ltd, Tianjin representative mr. Becky was communicating with us regarding our requirement of Specialty product for our R&D project., who eloped after transfer of payment of $ 771 & this cheater is neither responding Email communication or any Phone calls.

    This message is to warn all genuine buyer to go through below details & be alert, so not to face problem of follow up, chasing & finding Vendor at last moment, when availability of product becomes precious for your project..

    Our Order No. : 1113001613, Dtd: 01.10.2011

    Contact Details of Vendor :-
    Tel: ? +86-15320160565
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Alternate Phone no. :
    Tel? +86-15332023301
    Mob :+86-13388021976
    +86-22-58054063, 58054079, 58016110
    Email : [email protected]

    Payment Swift transfer Details :-
    This is a system-generated e-mail. Please do not reply to this email

    Instance Type and Transmission ————–
    Notification (Transmission) of Original sent to SWIFT (ACK)
    Network Delivery Status : Network Ack
    Priority/Delivery : Normal
    Message Input Reference : 1926 111103ICICINBBACTS0464796845
    ————————— Message Header ————————-

    Swift Input : FIN 103 Single Customer Credt
    Sender : ICICINBBCTS
    Receiver : ICICHKHHCLR
    ————————— Message Text —————————

    20: Sender's Reference
    23B: Bank Operation Code
    32A: Val Dte/Curr/Interbnk Settld Amt
    Date : 03 November 2011
    Currency : USD (US DOLLAR)
    Amount : #771,00#
    33B: Currency/Instructed Amount
    Currency : USD (US DOLLAR)
    Amount : #771,00#
    50K: Ordering Customer-Name & Address
    56A: Intermediary Institution – FI BIC
    57A: Account With Institution – FI BIC
    59: Beneficiary Customer-Name & Addr
    70: Remittance Information
    CHEMICAL,INV NO:KG199 DT 19.9.2011
    71A: Details of Charges
    71F: Sender's Charges
    Currency : USD (US DOLLAR)
    Amount : #0,00#
    ————————— Message Trailer ————————

    PKI Signature: MAC-Equivalent
    —————————- Interventions ————————-

    Category : Network Report
    Creation Time : 03/11/11 19:26:24
    Application : SWIFT Interface
    Operator : SYSTEM


  72. I made payment a huge sum for an order on 13/12/2011 by credit card at i made the purchase as the site seemed secured due to its escrow buyer protection. the supplier provided invalid tracking no. And false b/l no.the supplier indicated having shipped the goods by sea vessel ital contessa voyage no. 0564-029w.when i enquired it was disclose that ital contessa effected voyage no.0564-029w in the mid year 2010.its nearly 48 days since payment made and 37 days since complaint made nothing has been done by aliexpress to refund me despite all the evidence shown that the supplier is a fraud.with such occurrence i have certain feeling that is associated with the suppliers to swindle and defraud online friends be on your guard done get fancied with escrow buyer protection and make purchase,you will be doomed.any help from chinese friends to resolve my problem would be a blessing.

  73. hi .. svilena hristova
    i had cheated by a chinese company in senzhen.
    i need ur help on this matter …
    kindly drop a message to [email protected] for further discussion . i will pay if u need to check and deal this problem .
    thx . looking forward from you.

  74. I come to know this company through the web and get in touch with them through emails and live chats. In short, I was convinced to do bussiness with them, I ordered several tennis rackets and accessories and paid through moneygram by the name JING HENG ZOU and they send the package to me.

    I was very happy to receive them however, I found out that most of the orders were different from what I want, I also noticed that most of the tennis rackets zipper case were not working and the worst was that many items were missing many were not included in the package.

    I made several communications regarding the unaccounted items but they could not find solution.. they insisted that they sent exactly what I ordered. I even send them the copy of the list of items they had sent me but to no avail. Later, they did not want to get in touch with me anymore either by email or chat. This company name is:

    HENGHSHUN Sports Co Ltd Nr 187 Jianxin Road, Fuzhou ChinaE-mail address:[email protected]

    They also sell golf accessories and many others. I hope other people will not find the same situation as I do, that is why I'm sending this message. Any assistance from anyone regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

  75. Ohio Company
    Email:[email protected]
    Skype: ohio.gentrading.supplier

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Beware of this china scam company HK Lanm Trade Co., Ltd. China.

    I got cheated,scamed,fraud, from HK Lanm Trade Co., Ltd. China. On 11th,Jan,2012 I made the payment (210usd) for micro sd card , but the ordered item hasn't received till date. Scam company website is (
    Ms, Anna is sales Manager according to her emails. skype
    and mobile. On that time contact #:Office Number: +86 0755-33072304 /Phone Number: +86 13172432304.

    The ordered item hasn't received since two monts ago .After 15 days of ordered No emails and mobile,office phone not working. I try to contact in many way. Online, phone, mobile but nobody was to received any # because all Contact has been changed. Few days ago she has been sent me again email I am sure it is by mistake for more business offer with some new Contact # but till no response. We are new company base from Pakistan and want to import some goods from china but we have been scamed and lost 210$ .we paid via western union. Bank Transfer details as fallow, bank account: muneeb razzaque…MTCN:809-042-7460.210usd). 11th,Jan,2012.
    Scam Company new contact # are Office Number: +86 0755-36842947 /Phone Number: +86 13286672947/ .
    Ms,Anna Zhang, again send me email by mistake but till Company is not sending me any reply even many email has been sent to( [email protected]) they added new email id. She is using only these id. Gmail:[email protected]/ MSN:[email protected]/ [email protected]/Skype: lanmtrading.but She is still not online, not responding on mobile,

    Scam company Address is, Company Name: HK Lanm Trade Co.,Ltd .Street Address: 5 buliding Futing Industrial park Zhu village ,Guanlan Town,Bao'an Area , Shenzhen .China,City: ShenzhenProvince/State: Guangdong Country/Region: China Zip: 518100.

    We have all proof against this scam, emails and bank transfer details.

    Sincerely yours,

    A.Wahid, ( Director)

  76. Hi

    I see so many people being scammae d

    Please advise if we have done a deal all in writing and the order is not fulfilled



    PLEASE GIV emails and names of people who can assit in"ARBITRATION'

    Thank you

    there are some good chinese companies who keep their word also

    but we must have a plan for recourse


  77. I sent dinheiror and was wrong – no merchandise, no response and no money. this thief bloody fooled me! I hope someone will pay back!

    Szsensors Electronic Wholesale Co.lda
    Office Address
    4th Floor,Anle Industrial Builing, 44 Dist., Baoan
    Shenzhen, China,518000

    Email:[email protected]
    Telephone : 0086-1508-0382-484

  78. I have been cheated by one company from china. Wat i can say is that. It seam that These guys they are playing games and share with government.
    I will never ever trust any chines company on website.

  79. HK Lanm Trade Co., Ltd. China.
    Location: China

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Beware of this china scam company

    I got cheated,scamed,fraud, from HK Lanm Trade Co., Ltd. China. On 11th,Jan,2012 I made the payment (210usd) for micro sd card , but the ordered item hasn't received till
    Scam company website is (

    Ms, Anna is sales Manager according to her

    emails. skype and mobile. On that time contact #:Office Number: +86 0755-33072304
    /Phone Number: +86 13172432304.

    The ordered item hasn't received since two monts ago After 15 days of ordered No emails and mobile,office phone not working. I try to contact in many way. Online, phone,
    mobile but nobody was to received any # because all
    Contact has been changed. Few days ago she has been sent me again email I am sure it is by mistake for more business offer with some new Contact # but till no response. We are new company base from Pakistan and want to import some goods from china but we have been scamed
    and lost 210$ .we paid via western union..Scam Company new contact # are Office Number: +86 0755-36842947 /Phone Number: +86 13286672947/ .

    Ms,Anna Zhang, again send me email by mistake but till Company is not sending me any reply even many email has been sent to( [email protected]) they added new

    email id. She is using only these id.

    Gmail:[email protected]/

    MSN:[email protected]/

    [email protected]/Skype: lanmtrading.but

    She is still not online, not responding on

    mobile, Scam company Address is, Company

    Name: HK Lanm Trade Co.,Ltd .Street Address:

    5 buliding Futing Industrial park Zhu village ,Guanlan Town,Bao'an Area , Shenzhen ,China,City: ShenzhenProvince/State:
    Guangdong Country/Region: China Zip: 518100.

    We have all proof against this scam company.

    skype, emails and bank transfer details.

    Sincerely yours,

    A.Wahid, (Director)from Pakistan

  80. I paid for the Shoes on the paid 295$ fofor two pair.they send me terrible shoes with defect and diffErent colour.there real price not more than 20$.I emaileD them many times to return items.but no responce.please help

  81. After introduce from alibaba the CHN company for carbon fiber fabrics Producer now we have a problem with this company for our shipment how you can help us ?

    I received samples in Sunday, July 3, 2011, I payed pre payment (11490 $) in 06/08/2011 and in Thursday, November 10, 2011 I payed last payment (15264 $) the shipment must sent in December 5, 2011 after this time they says to us the shipment was blocked by china government and until now we only receive emails .we request from CHN company to pay back my payment for this shipment because we don’t know how much time we must stay but they says cant do anything (pay back my money) until the china government release shipment .
    Please help us for solving this problems with this company (we must stay for incalculable time for my shipment or my money)
    If you need all my payment document and other sent document from CHN company about this shipment and all email is ready for send to you .

    Thank you .
    ghassem haji hosseini

    This is information of CHN

    Lucy Li
    CHN Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. (CCF)
    Tel.: +86-0755-8605 6615
    MP: +86 133 1297 9866
    [email protected]
    Skype: lucyleobill
    MSN:[email protected]
    Trade Manager: cnchncf or cn220198300
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: or

  82. Please beware of this Website who makes shoes. They post so many kinds of branded shoes on line to attract clients. I was attracted to the samples and ask them if they can make my requirement so in short, after communicating with them in chats and exchanges of several emails I laid my order. I'm lucky that it was just 2 pairs of shoes that cost around 320 USD for the shoe samples.(Not Cheap)

    After almost 2 months of delaying tactics of the company they told me that the shoe sample I ordered was ready and will soon receive.

    Yes I did receive it however to my dissappointment the shoe samples was way beyond what I expected. It was a low cost material they used.. they did not follow my requirements and embarrasing part was that they sent me not pair but both right side of the shoes..

    I made several complaints to them regarding the quality of the said sample shoes but gave several reasons that.. their company was small and can not do my order and many other excuses. I hope this would warn other clients who are interested in doing bussiness with this company to be aware.

    JST Industry and trade Co., Ltd. (QUANZHOU JST SHOES & GARMENT CO., LTD)
    Address: Add:ChengBei industrial estate, HuiAn Quanzhou City,Fujian Province,China E-mai:[email protected]
    Tel:0086-595-87363801 Fax:0086-595-87367686

  83. I need to file complaint about a factory which denies sending the product after making the deal.

    I traveled thousands of miles and spent a lots of money. and after looking for my product i bought what I want. then after leaving china and going home, the factor canceled main items that I have selected.

    I need to report this irresponsible act
    Please advise me

  84. Dear Sir,

    I am Zulkifli, trading company from Indonesia.

    I just got Fraud/scam from this company :

    Website :

    No.80 Haian West Road Ganjing Sushe 20-2-2003
    Tel: 0086-0311-85239935
    Fax: 0086-0311-85239937
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Bank Information:



    Tel: 0311-85239935 fax: 0311-85239937






    Wester Union account : Shufeng Wang

    I just make an order from them for 3 gallons of mercury (Total 4.100USD) But after the good arrived, it's only fill with sand.

    Please list them as scam/fraud company, and warn everybody to not become victim of them like me.

    Hopefully this information is useful and can help and warn everybody to much careful in doing business.

    Thank you

    Best regards,


  85. Beware of this Watch Supplier, Sunroad Technology Ltd.: We purchased four watches from this company. All the advertised functions did not work. Our Clients and ourselves complained to no avail. I refused to go to the additional cost of returning the watches at a high shipping cost. Otherwise, Sunroad Tech. would provide no Customer Service and "Vivian" refused to accept the fact that the watches were defective.

    Sunroad Technology Limited
    Address: 4 Floor B building Phoenix Urban Industrial Zone,
    Fuyong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Tel: 86-755-29914080 Fax: 86-755-29914060
    Cell Phone: 86-18923862210
    E-mail:[email protected]
    MSN:[email protected]
    Skype: sunroadtech

  86. Please be aware of the site – they sell DVDs and CDs. Firstly, they overcharged my credit card, and refused to return the difference. The quality or product (if you receive it) is terrible – screen copies, chinese subtitles, missing dvds. The would not refund the money. However, as I have paid with my credit ard, my bank refunded me, and is chasing the merchant.

    PLEASE REMEMBER – NEVER SEND TRANSFERS OR CASH, ONLY USE PAY PAL OR CREDIT CARD (check with your bank the dispute policies)

  87. I ordered from a company, made the payment.After more than 30 days the company cannot trace the package which was send via EMS. What am I to do?

  88. We are an importer from Nepal, We are cheated by Chinese supplier, details as follows:
    shijiazhuang Yingfan Paper Trading Co., Ltd
    No. 185, Weiming Street,
    Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang,
    Hebei, China
    Tel: 86-311-87247669
    Email: [email protected], [email protected]
    Contact: Lisa

    Fly cather Traders (P) Ltd
    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Is there any way if we get refund our paid amount, we are facing more and more probelm due to the fraud supplier.

    I will highly appreciate if you suggest us the better way to get our refund from fraud supplier. We are facing so many problem by govt due to missuse of foreign currency.
    they really cheated with us.

  89. Alibaba and other cheat websites in China do not care about foreign businesses and they all are cheats and have very difficult dealing way with them to get our good money back when cheat China companies take from us. I still see on Alibaba a company I complained to them about 2 years ago and the company is doing business on Alibaba still. ARREST THESE FRAUDSTERS PLZ! I suggest contact the Chinese embassy and complain because that is what we had to do in Portugal 2 yrs ago

  90. HI. I have been attempting to assist my daughter in law who purchased an Tungsten wedding ring from The stone fell out after a few days, she returned the ring and was guaranteed the stone would never fall out again…a few days later it fell out. We are asking to return the ring and exchange for a ring without a stone. They claim they shall do so, but have a restocking fee which is half the price of the ring. When I write to them, we never get a proper answer to any questions. Therefore, we are reluctant to return the ring in anticipation we will be charged additional funds and if we do not pay, will not get the ring back. I have noticed a number of complaints on various sites regarding this Company. They show a telephone number and address in the USA, however, they appear to only work out of China. Any suggestions? I suggest you not deal with this Company.

  91. following company is a alibaba fraud company which is selling very bad quality wooden and related products like,doors and furniture. please be careful about their cheating business. following is there complete address

    Trade Dep. Saler
    Mobile: 008613396288075
    Office Tel.: 00865433262398
    Skype: peony.wood
    MSN:[email protected]
    Yahoo Message:[email protected]
    Email ID: [email protected]
    Add.: Huimin County, Binzhou city, Shandong, China
    Nature of Business: Manufacture
    Main of Product: Plywood & HPL Plywood & Door & Kitchen Cabinet & Furniture

  92. I ordered and paid for a container of Virgin plastic resin 45mfi product from Shandong east International Chemical co and they sent me a totally different waste product that could not be used. They will not answer my calls or emails…what can i Do…can someone help me as to a process. Do I contact the Chinese Embassy and supply all the details….I don't know what to do

  93. Friends,
    you can see that your problems are not solved here.
    its better to avoid dealing with Chines companies.
    they attract you with low price and than cheat you.

    most of the Chinese companies are cheaters.

    Even on Alibaba most of the chines companies are cheaters.
    One such company is Shenyang keter chemicals
    they will respond you very well initially but once you pay them, they vanish.
    it is better to deal with Indian companies. My experience is good with all indian companies. They are worth trusting. their prices may be higher but there is very less chance to be cheated.

  94. Contact Information
    Company Name: Shenyang keter chemicals
    Phone: +86/024-31308819
    Contact Person: sunny
    Business Address:A-1332, No.1,4th Hun Nan Road,Hun Nan new district,Shenyang city,China,,China(CN)

    do not trust this company.

  95. Many more China Internet frauds and internet scams and nobody can help!! i sent $100, ordering micro sd card. I was cheated – no phone, no answer and no money. this bloody thief scammed me! i hope some one will pay him back!

    You can contact us through the following methods:
    Contact Person: Spring Lauren
    Company Name: Jinglian De Technology CO., LTD
    Factory Address: YanNan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen
    City: ShenZhen
    Country/Region: China
    Tel: +86-755-33136814
    Mobile: +86-156 2745 6814
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: Spring Lauren

  96. We sent advance payment to HEBEI DINGXING CHEMICAL CO.LTD.,CHINA for trial samples,but three monthe have passed the company has neither sent the material nor is it replying to any mails and has gone offline.Please be aware of this company before doing any business.
    Their telephone numberis 0086-311-89949219
    Contact person :Betsy

  97. I have found a China Website with very good prices named AANBUY.COM, before placing the order i intracted with them on email and got a very good response. so I made 1 order to them for 415 $ on 06/12/2012 and made payment through westernunioun. after receiving the payment their is no delivery done till date and no reply to my emails.
    I have see more customers which have problems with this website and nobody receive his goods. Can you verify if this website is a suspicious website and help in getting the money back. The name is
    The name they give me for the payment is:ZHIFU WANG
    Thank you in advance for your answer. Can you give me the address internet to make a complain to the policy

  98. @ Amit..

    Recently there is many online sites are operating from china. Before making any purchases we have to search about this company in internet. If the domain in USA or somewhere else and company is operating from China, there we can confirm that this is fraud site and we will loose our money. Also always check the pricing, if we can see the pricing is 25% or more than lesser compared to the market price, then don't go for it. This is the way the using to attract us. In a genuine site, they will not highlight the prices with red colour or extra large size, this is just an example. Also never send the money vis western union or bank transfer, always use money gram , pay pal or credit card. Then at least we can refund our money, if we did not receive the goods.

  99. is most definately a SCAM site, I sent money by western union, they collect the same day, and never send the goods or respond to email. the website looks sort of real but STAY AWAY you will lose your money!!!

  100. Please all take care about this bad company I required from Chinese company GI coils they are not good they take my deposit all people take car from this bad Chinese co.
    Sutor Steel Technology co., Limited

    Changshu Huaye Steel Strip Co.,Ltd
    Office Add: 12F, Building B, World Trade Center, No.45, North Haiyu Road,Changshu,City,Jiangsu,China
    Factory Add: No 8, Huaye Road, Dongbang Industrial Park, Changshu City,Jiangsu,China
    Tel: 86-512-52686877 Fax:86-512-52682111 Mob:86-13776211500
    E-mail:[email protected],[email protected] Website:
    MSN: [email protected] Skype: daniel_angola

  101. I am just one more of the unhappy buyers on this page. China now is getting known as the rip off capital of the world. I paid for a TV from Hengyuan Electronics Technology International Trade Co, website known as Nice professional looking site. They show my account as be paid waiting for verification since Feb 2013. You do a search on them and they show a location and good write up. China is just too good to be true and in this case they aren't true or honest

  102. Wanted to inform you regarding the fraud going on with Chinese companies by few Indian people who ruin our countries name and reputation in international market. I will tell you detail as under. Last October 2012 I was enter in partnership with Mr. Noor Ahmed Mohammed Iqbal whose passport no. H 7306580 and we had started business in the name of MonalisaImpex. When I was come to know after 3 months that the papers for Mr. Noor Ahmed was false papers which was submited and processed by Mr. Deepak of East Point Consulting. Eastpoint Consulting is having office at 327, Guomao Mansion, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. As per my knowledge about Mr.Deepak he had proceeded false papers for Mr. Gulam in 2011 and Mr. Altaf in 2012. This Mr. Altaf is uncle of this Mr. Noor Ahmed. Mr. Deepak is issuing  false Education Certificates and helping those people to register there business in china.Those people had cheated lot of Chinese People in Futiyan Market in Yiwu. You can check the details for them in Futiyan Market. They are taking material and not paying them over there. I am attaching some photos along with this mail. I was also cheated by them as they ask me to invest Rs. 14 lakhs which we paid to Mr. Noor Ahmed's father Mr. Iqbal Batata wala whose passport no.  J 6089006 in India.Also I can't travel to China as my all original papers for z visa, office keys and other documents is with Mr. Noor Ahmed. They are taking all the materials in company's name and not paying chinese company's as before done by Mr. Gulam and Mr. Altaf also.I had already register N.C. against Iqbal and Ahmed in Mumbai, India which I am attaching here.Now they want me to sign power of attorney which also I am attaching here in favour of Mr. Noor Ahmed which I denied to sign as they didn't paid back me my investment.Please take this information seriously and take action against Mr. Noor Ahmed, Mr. Deepak and others as they are spoiling our countries name and reputation in china.Our Comapny Name: Monalisa Impex, Room # 402, Gate No. 2, Building No. 7, Yang Guang and Phone No. Mr. Ahmed 0086 13429005142Regards,Faimida H. Khan


    TSWAN, Hong Kong
    Sellers: Shaywilliam "shaywilliams"
    and Yang Yu

    I sent thousands of USD for a Ham Radio and they never shipped it, but kept my hard earned cash, by Western Union

  104. Hi,
    I am from India staying in China, I have to get back my security Deposit from my house owner. my contract is getting over with in 2 days, as per the contract she has to give back the money but they are not ready to pay. Can someone help to get the information where we can complain against owner to get back the money.

    Thanks in advance

  105. I have purchased a product for the below company. I sent $140.00 Western Union and did not receive my purchase.
    Can you please help me find this scammer and get my money back. Thanks
    Information of this person is below:
    First name: Haihua
    Last name: An
    Name: Haihua An
    Address? 168?Xinhua Street, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang city, China
    Country: China
    Zip Code: 050000
    Tel: 13784357970

    Skype: andy131415
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email:[email protected]

  106. I purchase 300 $ worth of clothes with these website the moment I made the payment this website is close and there is no response .
    I had one phone no 0086189265571481 I called on that no its continuously ringing and no one is picking can someone help


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