Dilithium Networks, a provider of wireless multimedia solutions announced today it has licensed its H.324M/3G-324M video-telephony/video-conferencing protocol software to Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co. Ltd.

Under the agreement, Datang will use Dilithium Networks' H.324M/3G-324M multimedia protocol stack to develop its next-generation 3G-324M handsets supporting advanced video services. Datang has also purchased the Dilithium Networks Analyzer (DNA) a protocol analysis and test tool to solve interoperability problems between H.3234M/3G-324M handsets. H.324M protocol is an ITU-T standard enabling real-time streaming and conversational video services over wireless networks.

Dilithium Networks' H.324M/3G-324M and H.323 stacks have been available to customers since 1999. The company has been an active participant of the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium's (IMTC) H.324M interoperability group since its origin over three years ago. The Dilithium Networks Analyzer (DNA) is designed for diagnosing, analyzing and monitoring all aspects of 3G video-telephony calls including call control, connection set-up and tear down, and voice/video quality. Operators and OEMs use the device to test new terminals and minimize the risk of field software upgrades to ensure interoperability. The DNA has established itself as the industry reference H.324M/3G-324M platform for compliance and interoperability testing of network equipment and terminals. The DNA is also useful for validating voice/video call quality and reducing time to market for 3G services and equipment.


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