Hang Seng Bank launched a dedicated lifestyle banking website on Monday this week, offering tailored sections to cater for the needs of different customer segments–Prestige Banking for affluent customers, Leisure Class for retirees, Stamina Banking for sports enthusiasts, and Femina Banking for ladies.

In addition to financial services, customers are able to enjoy a wide array of value-added activities and benefits that meet the lifestyle needs of these different customer segments.

The lifestyle banking website provides a convenient channel for customers to access updated information on wealth management services as well as exclusive privileges and news on lifestyle activities. An online resource center, which comprises a collection of financial calculators for mortgage loans, deposits, the mandatory provident fund, foreign exchange (forex) margin trading and personal loans, helps customers to plan and manage their finances.

An exclusive section is available for customers of Prestige Banking, Leisure Class, Stamina Banking and Femina Banking. It includes online enrollment for upcoming lifestyle activities and events, the latest issue and archives of the various customer newsletters and the sharing corner which provides an interactive platform for customers to share book reviews and recommendations, special recipes, golfing tips and insights on retirement planning.


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