Definiens Imaging and Beijing Hyundai Space Eye Imaging have signed an agreement which allows Space Eye to distribute Definiens Imaging's image analysis and feature extraction software, eCognition to markets in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Beijing Space Eye is a high resolution satellite imagery provider as well as a master reseller of IKONOS data in China. The staff's extensive experience in the Chinese market and the company's close relationship with academic, federal, and commercial users will greatly broaden Definiens Imaging's customer interface in terms of service and such products as eCognition.

Beijing Space Eye will initially focus on the further expansion of software sales in China but will also investigate opportunities where Definiens Imaging's service group and Space Eye can collaborate in commercial remote sensing projects. As a first step, Space Eye will set up localized service system including translation of all relevant marketing documents into Chinese. Moreover, Definiens Imaging will support Beijing Space Eye in conducting training courses and road shows in China.


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