Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc announced today that CECT, its subsidiary engaging in mobile phones manufacturing and distribution, has signed a contract with Beijing Jia Sheng Rui Tong (JSRT) appointing JSRT as the chief distributor of CECT's new T688 model mobile phones in China.

According to the agreement, JSRT is to underwrite the sale of 500,000 sets of T688 models within a five-month period.

The T688 model is embedded with handwriting recognition technology, which is only available in mobile phones produced by brands such as Nokia and CECT. At a retail price of about US$241 (CNY2000) per set, the T688 is less expensive than other comparable products and is well received among the working and business population, therefore making it very competitive in the market.


  1. I have just purchased CECT T688 product, i want to connect to internet with mobile phone providee -VODACOM TANZANIA, also how can download my music from CD TO MY PHONE(CECT),

  2. I have just purchased the T688+, does anyone know where I can get a manual in English as the one I got was in Chinese which I do not understand.



  3. I received a CECT T688i and stylus broke after less then two weeks. Does anyone know where these spares can be purchased? An English user manual would be very helpful too.
    Many thank

  4. Hi there,
    Can u provide me the mannual of CECT P168 (Back 5.5 MP n Front 2.9MP Cam) in English, coz I wanna help speakin in Eglish while using name search in phonebook since it uses the Chineese by default.
    Though it seems the original Carl Ziess lence kit but still I feel the desired clearity is not there.
    I would be pleased someone could do favour for me.
    Raj – +919915512827 Mob.

  5. please can you help me with my cect n95. the language on the phone is in chinese and i would like a number or symbol sequence for the menu to put it into english


  6. Can any body tell me where can I find English manual for CECT N95. I am not able to unleash all the features of the phone (i know it does not have many but still…)..thanks in advance…

  7. Hoping to get a manual from the person I bought this phone from within the next week will gladly pass the link onto you when I get it.


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