China Wireless Communications, Inc. has announced that following a cooperative contract dated on February 25, 2004, it signed an equipment purchasing contract with Datang Gohigh Networks Technology Corporation (Datang Gohigh).

China Wireless Communications will purchase network equipment products from Datang Gohigh to build out its wireless broadband metro networks around the 4th Ring Road of Beijing. The initial amount of equipment purchased for the first phase network build out was CNY 2,827,908 (or approximately $350,000USD). Datang Gohigh is providing China Wireless with equipment financing, full technical assistance related with their equipment, including installations, service support, supervisions, and maintenance.

Datang Gohigh Networks Technology Corporation is a high-tech company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It was founded in December 2001 by Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group and Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. Its major business includes research, manufacture, sales of products of IP, ATM, MPLS, and NGN (next generation network), soft switching system, and total solutions for broadband network communication.


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