FineGround Networks, Inc., which deals in web application optimization, announced today it has opened a sales office in Hong Kong to expand business operations into Asia Pacific to meet growing customer demand in the region.

The Hong Kong office will oversee sales operations throughout the Far East including China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia. This expansion will accelerate the company's ability to recruit regional reseller partners and implement support arrangements for customers in the region.

The FineGround Performance Suite is a server-side solution that provides both optimization and monitoring capabilities for web-based applications. As organizations deploy large-scale web applications for manufacturing, supply chain, customer and partner management or simply employee communications, the ability to gain the business benefits is often related directly to its interactive performance. Enterprise customers like Korea Telecom, Whirlpool, and Alcoa chose the FineGround solution to improve application throughput and ensure adoption of core web-based business processes globally.

The FineGround Performance Suite offers end-to-end performance optimization and monitoring of enterprise application infrastructure without requiring additional client software, server software, or server agents. The Performance Suite comprises of an Application Optimization solution as well as an agentless Application Monitoring solution. FineGround provides enterprises the flexibility to address application performance with either a software or appliance approach. With similar pricing between the software and appliance offerings, the Suite is available according to a customer deployment preference.


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