Persistence Software, provider of real-time Data Services software, today announced the deployment of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on the Persistence Enterprise Data Services Platform at Anhui Manufacturing.

The Anhui Manufacturing Company is a $375M annual revenue manufacturer in China that produces consumer goods for the Chinese market. Their challenge was to build manufacturing management system that would support the following requirements: Automate every aspect of the business, from raw materials management to distribution of finished products; support several hundred concurrent users with fast and accurate response; and provide 24×7 availability

Anhui decided to build their system in Java using the J2EE standard and chose Persistence Software as a key technology provider for their Data Services layer. After spending over a year building their application, the system is now live with 8 modules running in a 24 x 7 production environment.

Within the ERP system, every sub-system works as an independent element of a Service-Oriented Architecture, providing business services to all of the other sub-systems on an on-demand basis. To provide maximum flexibility in delivering application services, every sub-system in their architecture is deployed as a separate application server.


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