Genesis Microchip Inc., which works in the development of image processing technologies for LCD TVs and other consumer display products, today announced that Changhong Electric Co., LTD., a TV manufacturer in China, selected Genesis Microchip's gm1501 and FLI2310 video controllers for use in its new LS08 Series LCD TVs.

Models W270F8E (27-inch), W300F8PE (30-inch) and W320F8E (32-inch) of this series are scheduled to be available in China and Europe beginning this summer. Changhong is also leveraging the DCDi by Faroudja brand on the faceplates of its LCD TVs to denote the inclusion of Genesis' Emmy award-winning Faroudja video processing technology for easy consumer recognition.

The gm1501 display controller is a fully integrated single chip solution for multifunction LCD monitors and LCD TVs supporting up to SXGA resolutions. It features RealColor technology to provide digital brightness and contrast controls. The controller also incorporates an integrated, full-screen bit-mapped On-Screen-Display (OSD) as well as development tools for an ICON-based television OSD. The FLI2310 is a digital video format converter that incorporates Faroudja's Emmy award-winning deinterlacing and video enhancement technologies to convert standard interlaced and high definition video signals into formats compatible with flat panel displays. Other advanced performance capabilities of the FLI2310 include patented Film Mode for proper handling of 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown material and DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) technology to eliminate the jagged edges seen on moving angled lines in video.


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