Authorities in Chongqing Municipality, southwest China, shut down an unlicensed Internet bar involved in the death of two teenager Internet surfers, the government said Thursday.

The Industrial and Commercial Administration of Shapingba District, where the bar was located, confiscated five computers and illegal gains after two junior middle school students were crushed to death by a train on March 31 when they fell asleep on the train track having surfed the Internet for over 48 hours in the bar.

During the accident, another Internet-addicted student Luo Hua was awakened by the train and narrowly escaped the tragedy, according to Li Bo, director of the district bureau of culture, radio and television, one of the local watchdogs over Internet services. Following the accident, the government set up a joint investigation team of police, the administration, the bureau and other relevant governmental departments.

Internet bars appeared in the rural Huilongba Town a year ago as a result of increasing restrictions over Internet bar services in the downtown city. Many of the bars, attracting students to surf online around-the-clock, were not officially approved for operation and therefore moved to rural areas to escape inspections, according to officials of the investigation team.


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