Luminous Networks, a provider of multi-service provisioning platforms (MSPPs) that support voice, data, video, and wavelength services, announced today ChongQing city, the biggest city in western China, has successfully deployed a Luminous transport network to provide telecommunication transmission along a major highway in the region.

Luminous Networks' platforms will serve as the core multi-service nodes of the transmission system. Keybridge Communications, a systems integration reseller of Luminous equipment in China, has installed the Luminous PacketWave system to provide services for freeway customers.

The Luminous network is being implemented along the highway to provide a highly available and fault-tolerant platform for high-speed data, video monitoring, and voice links that are transported between toll stations and a billing center. Based on MPLS and Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) technology, the PacketWave MSPP will be used to aggregate data traffic and transmit real-time video/voice services. The network is managed by the Luminous Management System(TM) (LMS), an integrated network management system, to ensure efficient and cost-effective traffic control and routing throughout all network levels.

China will link up the road network in its western region by introducing advanced road construction technology over the next two decades. The road network upgrade is expected to bring prosperity to western areas as the Silk Road did to the region in ancient China. By 2010, China is expected to complete the construction of nine artery roads in the west and build about 150,000 kilometers of roads linking each village. In the next 10 to 15 years, China is likely to make breakthroughs in the development of new road construction materials and technology. Information technology will also be applied to the management of high-level expressways.


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