China Wireless Communications, Inc. has announced that it has signed a two-year service contract with Cuiwei Plaza Co, Ltd, a commerce enterprise.

China Wireless will deliver a dedicated broadband link for Cuiwei Plaza to provide wireless, point-to-point connectivity service with a high-speed capability of 2 megabit per second. Expected revenue for the service will be approximately CNY64,000 ($7,727.60USD) per year.

Brad Woods, CEO of China Wireless commented, "We have now completed the first phase of our metro network construction and with the signing of this contract with Cuiwei Plaza we have commenced the next phase of our business plan, providing services and generating revenues. We look at this contract as an exciting step in the evolution of our Company. We are progressing towards adding customers and increasing revenues."

Cuiwei Plaza Co, Ltd is a state-owned commerce enterprise, located in the west commerce district of Beijing City with an operating commerce facility of approximately 40,000 square meters. Cuiwei Plaza is mostly engaged in shopping services and involved with other businesses including entertainment, post-office, hotel, bookstore, bank, office building, etc. During the past six years it has generated sales revenue of CNY6.2 billion.


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