The China-Germany High-Tech Dialogue Forum opened in Berlin yesterday with China's Premier Wen Jiabao addressing the forum on a four-point proposal on promoting high-tech cooperation between China and Germany.

Xinhua reports that Wen concentrated on the following four points:

1) Strengthening cooperation in the fields of information, biology, new materials, transportation, energy, environmental protection, automobile manufacturing, aviation and aerospace;

2) Attaching importance to the role of high-tech medium- and small-sized enterprises, while continuing to value the multinationals and giant enterprises;

3) Strengthening the exchange of visits and training of high-tech talents, broadening channels for joint research and development in high-tech areas;

4) Creating a good environment for bilateral cooperation.

This third meeting of China-Germany Hi-Tech Dialogue Forum was sponsored by China's National Development and Reform Commission and Germany's Ministry of Economics and Labor. About 200 delegates from both countries attended the meeting.


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