China has stipulated a set of rules on broadcasting DV (digital video) productions via TV stations, cinemas, film festivals or exhibitions, and the Internet, in a bid to step up regulation of their content, according to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

China has seen a rapid popularization of mini-DV cameras in recent years and DV productions made by some organizations and individuals have become a source of audiovisual programs for TV stations and Internet websites, said a circular issued by the administration recently. "Their content is mostly wholesome," the circular said, but a small portion of DV productions are obscure and negative in theme and content, with some of them sent overseas for exhibition. "That has caused a bad effect," the circular said.

The administration therefore demanded all DV productions be approved before being broadcast on TV stations, in cinemas, and on the Internet, according to relevant national regulations on radio, TV, and film management. The circular stressed that any organizations or individuals who attend film festivals or exhibitions held by overseas organizations with their DV productions must get or show their permit for releasing TV plays, or permit for showing films, or certificate to prove that their DV productions have been broadcast to the public on the nation's TV stations.

It also required that Internet websites must obtain a license for releasing audiovisual programs before broadcasting DV productions. Local radio, TV and film departments need to get approval from the corresponding departments at the provincial level or above if they want to organize a regional or national competition or exhibition of DV productions, according to the circular.


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