Sichuan Telecom is deploying Riverstone's 15008 and RS 3100 routers to upgrade its existing metro Ethernet network in Luzhou prefecture, Sichuan province.

Using Riverstone's Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) technology, Sichuan Telecom will be able to substantially scale its network to accommodate additional and larger enterprise subscribers.

In addition to scaling the network, Sichuan Telecom will be able to offer more reliable and secure Layer 2 VPNs and IP/MPLS services, all of which it cannot do with its existing network. The VPLS-based network will also provide the additional Quality of Service (QoS) needed for the carrier to provide its business customers with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

"The enterprise segment of our business is growing very rapidly and, with it, the demand for Ethernet services," said Deng Jie, Technical Manager, Sichuan Telecom Luzhou Branch, and a member of the Technical Expert Team of Sichuan Telecom.

Riverstone's MEF-certified carrier Ethernet routers provide Sichuan Telecom with a true carrier-grade solution featuring fully redundant hardware and software for high reliability, plus MPLS/VPLS for resiliency, scalability and QoS. Unlike the Layer 2 carrier Ethernet switches that carriers often deployed for business services, Riverstone's MPLS-based Ethernet routing solutions can scale to support upwards of a million end-users.


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