LSI Logic Corporation today announced two separate ZSP digital signal processor (DSP) licensing agreements with Asian-based integrated circuit (IC) design firms.

The agreements provide a boost to the region's ability to deliver cost-efficient DSP-based system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. Both Taiwan-based Socle Technology and China-based ICC have selected the LSI Logic ZSP400 DSP to address the increasing demand for intellectual property (IP) and SoC design services in Asia. Both companies focus on high growth markets such as wireless and consumer electronics where DSP technology is a fundamental requirement.

Socle, which specializes in comprehensive SoC design services, is licensing the LSI Logic ZSP400 hard macro for use in its own multimedia platform, which will enable customers to design optimized audio/video SoC solutions. Socle has strong partnerships with multiple foundries across Asia. LSI Logic and Socle plan to expand the partnership to include additional ZSP cores and technologies.

ICC, the incubator for fabless IC companies in China, provides EDA tools, Multi-Purpose Wafer (MPW) and testing services. By collaborating with LSI Logic, the China Semiconductor Association and other institutes, ICC will provide the support required by many China IC companies to quickly and effectively develop competitive products.

LSI Logic, Socle and ICC are dedicated to reducing obstacles in DSP-based SoC design in Asia by lowering the overall cost of IP licensing and speeding time-to-market. LSI Logic provides Socle and ICC with a completed physical design and verification platform of the ZSP400 core for popular foundry processes such as TSMC, UMC and SMIC. Socle and ICC combine the ZSP400 hard macro with their own IP to complete a SoC platform. As authorized ZSP partners, Socle and ICC may also provide their customers with a cost-efficient IP licensing option for SoC evaluation and pre-production design.

Besides Socle and ICC, LSI Logic has recently signed ZSP DSP licensing agreements in Asia with UTStarcom, a leading provider of IP accessing network solutions; AVID Electronics Corp., a producer of digital audio/video system products; and Datang Microsystems, who applies the ZSP technology in multiple wireless and security products. World-class companies such as Broadcom, Conexant, IBM and VIA Telecom are also licensees of the ZSP architecture.


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