It is being reported in the local media that the Ministry Of Culture, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry Of Education and the Central Youth League Commission have determined to take special action during the coming summer vacation, strictly preventing teenagers from entering Internet cafes.

Specifically, the Ministry Of Culture will focus on the checking and patrolling of the sites at a pre-determined time, severely punishing Internet cafes violating the regulations. The State Administration of Industry and Commerce will put emphasize joint action amongst urban, suburb, and rural areas and urban residential complexes, identifying illegal Internet cafes and prosecuting them accordingly.

Currently, the education departments and the Chinese Youth League at all levels are carrying out various educational programs in middle and primary schools across the country, riaisng the level of awareness amongst teenagers through class meetings, moral ethics lessons, team activities and parental meetings. In addition, they are working with schools to organize various activities to "enrich students' lives during the holiday".


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