ZTE Corporation of China, a global supplier of advanced telecommunications infrastructure, has become the first Chinese company to supply telecoms equipment to the Olympic Games.

ZTE was chosen by OTE (the Greek telecommunications organization) to supply vital broadband Internet access systems services during this year's Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. To fulfill this need ZTE has built, tested and commissioned a high speed ADSL network for the Games.

Under the contract, ZTE will help OTE deploy an ADSL system serving 16 points in Athens. Using the network, all Olympic facilities, including the main venues, international broadcasting centers, news centers and the press village will be able to access broadband Internet services throughout the event.

This is the second international announcement from ZTE this week. On Monday, the organization announced, that across the Mediterranean in Tunisia, it was to install the most advanced mobile telecommunications network in Africa. Two of Tunisia's key cities – Tunis and Sousse – are to receive WCDMA equipment from ZTE in a contract that will see 3G technology in commercial applications in the second half of 2005. The contract, with Tunisia's PTT CERT, demonstrates that ZTE has become one of a few vendors anywhere in the world totally equipped to help operators build their 3G networks. It also marks ZTE's first 3G network win outside of China.


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