The X-Change Corporation's AirGATE Technologies subsidiary has been approved by China for membership in the Technology and Service League–China EPC Working Group (Electronic Product Code).

AirGATE's Matrix Analytic Engine is a data mining engine that is built to manage the enormous amounts of data generated by RFID tracking of millions of items moving through the global supply stream. It can be customized for the unique requirements of various vertical industries such as retail, health and medical, manufacturing, etc.

The China EPC Working Group of China Association for Standardization, established in March 2003 and consisting of industries and individuals engaged in RFID, is a not-for-profit organization initiated by China Association for Standardization (CAS). At present, the Working Group's objectives include monitoring the EPC RFID technology and standard developments, informing and educating Chinese companies about EPC RFID, demonstrating key EPC RFID products in selected sectors, and providing technical and consulting services in EPC RFID arena.

AirGATE Technologies is a development stage company specializing in wireless data management technologies. The company designs and develops applications utilized in RFID deployments. AirGATE will deliver RFID solutions in selected vertical markets built around a data management and integration strategy based on its Matrix Analytic Engine.


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