Gemplus International S.A., a provider of smart card solutions, announced today that the company delivered "SMS Organizer", a comprehensive SMS management application with its 64K SIM card, GemXplore U-Choose to China Mobile (CMCC) in Shandong Province.

SMS Organizer is now being included in the "M-Zone" and "GoTone" brand services of China Mobile and offers a range of applications for sending, organizing received messages into directories, and reading of SMS. It has a unified user interface, which means that subscribers have the same user experience regardless of their handset. This in turn reduces operator costs of customer care.

A key feature is the ability to enable non-confidential and urgent messages to pop up directly onto the user's mobile phone screen through the use of Flash SMS. Confidential messages can also be stored into a "Private Folder". This folder can be accessed only with a PIN code. SMS organizer also offers subscribers the ability to send messages to group distribution lists at the click of a button.


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