A representative from the National Copyright Administration of China disclosed recently that China has gradually been setting up a relatively complete set of principles for modern copyright protection which is fitting not only for China's own socialism economic development, but also accords to the international copyright rules.

The complete modern copyright system in China is said to consist primarily of consummate copyright laws and regulations, a comparatively mature legal execution system, a scaled social service system and "ever improving copyright awareness".

China made a series of copyright laws during 1990-1991, and since its admission to the WTO, it has been carrying out a thorough ammendment of those laws and regulations so as to form a modern copyright legal system. As for legal execution, China has set up a system that combines judiciary judgement with administrative management to protect the interests of copyright owners.

According to statistics, during the eight-year period from 1995 to 2003, China confiscated 265 million pirated products, averaging 90,000 daily. However, there is concern that inadequate awareness about copyright, inefficient legal executionm, and the unprofessional nature of some legal bodies still remain as the main problems for copyright protection in China.


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