AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASIA), a provider of software, solutions and services to telecom operators and enterprises in China, today announced that it has signed a contract with China Netcom's Shanxi Provincial Branch (CNC Shanxi) to implement phase III upgrades of the carrier's Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Once upgraded, the carrier's network will be capable of supporting approximately 1 million broadband users. Providing both broad and narrow band support, AsiaInfo's authentication and billing system (AIOBS) is compatible with all access protocols including private network access, PPoE, DHCP+Web Login and 802.1x Login. In addition to providing CNC Shanxi with customer authentication, business management, on-line billing, data collection and customer self-service functions, AIOBS offers newly enhanced features such as customized report forms.

Additionally, AsiaInfo will provide CNC Shanxi with upgrades to its email management system to support up to 300,000 new email subscribers. As part of this, AsiaInfo will supply CNC Shanxi with an enhanced version of AsiaInfo's email software solution (AIMC) capable of performing anti-virus and anti-junk mail functions.


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