Timeline (OTCBB:TMLN) announced today it has been issued a patent by China.

The technology covered by this patent parallels many of the claims of Timeline's five United States Patents on innovations for the automation of data mart design with multiple source capability. Timeline's embodiment of the patented technology is primarily in products that utilize data marts in the transformation, preparation, publication and maintenance of accounting and financial data for reporting, budgeting and analysis.

Timeline's product line applies its patented technology to distribute data marts of information drawn from a wide variety of accounting, ERP and financial systems. These data marts are used on the desktop for reporting, budgeting and analysis displayed through Timeline's web and Excel-based products. This eliminates re-keying of data while maintaining data integrity, and allows each end user to develop personal analysis or reports using Timeline-enhanced technology.

The company's primary products, Timeline Analyst and Timeline Budgeting, provide reporting, budgeting and consolidations through client/server and desktop software applications based on Windows/Windows NT and Microsoft Office systems and data marts built in Oracle, IBM or Microsoft relational data base management systems.


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