Recently some renowned websites including Tencent QQ, Digitalchina and Jiangmin have either been attacked or taken over completely by hackers.

According to rumors, Tencent QQ was attacked because it refused to pay the CNY 1 million demanded by an un-named hacker. Although the rumor has not been confirmed by Tencent itself, it is thought to have spurred other hackers to identify the culprit.

One group, headed by a Mr. Ju Hong, a hacker from Chengdu, claim that they will cooperate with the hackers across the country to investigate the backmailer to prove the innocence of their own group.


  1. Surprisely, when I first find that so much web sites are attacked by the hackers. Furthermore, the famouse company are also infected, so every fields should pay more attention on the security, and take action for the network security


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