PacificNet (PACT.PK), a CRM and value-added telecom services company in China, announced that its subsidiary PacificNet YueShen Shandong Branch has signed a partnership agreement to become a designated distributor of China Netcom (CN).

The company will distribute Netcom's XiaoLingTone/PHS mobile phone products, prepaid calling cards, wireless broadband and internet services. Shandong is one of China's largest provinces and represents a significant opportunity for PacificNet to offer telecom services.

Mr. Cao ZhiJun, Deputy Director of China Netcom Shandong Laiyang Branch, stated: "We are delighted to form this partnership to have PacificNet YueShen as Netcom's designated distributor. We are confident that YueShen's strong distribution experience and sales network will help increase China Netcom's local revenues, distribution coverage, and market share especially in the XianLingTong wireless phone services."

Ms. Li YanKuan, General Manager of PacificNet YueShen, stated, "We are excited about this important partnership with China Netcom, a leading telecom carrier in China. We expect this cooperation with Netcom will increase our overall telecom distribution revenue and profit margin."


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