The People's Court of Danling County in Sichuan Province has sentenced three people for filming and selling online live pornographic performances. According to local media, this is the first time a trial involving these crimes has taken place in China.

The principal defendant and director, Mr. Chen Chuanhao, and accomplices Guo Haitao and Zhan Li, have all been punished. The former accomplice was responsible for logistics while the latter performed in the Internet sex movies.

Mr. Chen was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment and fined CNY 8300. The latter two were ordered to pay CNY5000 and CNY3000, respectively.

The court said the three organized the performances via QQ instant messaging chat rooms and then opened several bank accounts for netizens to pay the necessary fee before they could watch the live show.

Until their crimes were discovered, they had broadcast 140 different shows and earned more than CNY20000.


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