Portal Software (PRSFE) announced that Shanghai Online, the ISP venture of Shanghai Telecom, has extended Portal Software's Revenue Management solution to include support for their new broadband services offerings. The new agreement will expand Portal Software's usage within the organization, integrating broadband with their dial-up users onto a single platform, enabling Shanghai Online to quickly deploy convergent products and allow subscribers to choose services based on multiple pricing packages.

Shanghai Online delivers content across a multitude of categories. Shanghai Telecom has made strategic investments in broadband infrastructure over the past two years, paving the way for Shanghai Online to introduce and deliver innovative value-added services. This strategic business reengineering is critical in sustaining Shanghai Online's popularity and viability.

As demand for broadband content services increases, Shanghai Online will be looking at avenues to bring exciting and timely new offerings, providing their subscribers with content variety and payment flexibility. Portal Software is providing the billing solution to help maintain Shanghai Online's leadership status in China.

"As one of the leading ISPs in China, Shanghai Online is consistently quick to react to market opportunities with new business strategies," said Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president of marketing, alliances, and global accounts with Portal. "The increasing focus on broadband services fortifies their innovative leadership, providing subscribers with new offerings to enhance subscriber satisfaction. I am glad that we are able to provide Shanghai Online with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to their evolving business model."


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