The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region says that they will allocate HK$200 million in the next two years to provide free Internet service at government-run establishments and sites like public libraries, parks and government office buildings.

Regarding the security of the Internet use at those sites, a spokesperson from Hong Kong SAR says that they will pay special attention to the management and safety of the Internet service at those venues.

Mai Hongsong, deputy director of the Government Information and Technology, says that the first schedule of the project will be completed in a year and considering that more people will use the new service, they will figure out some measures to limit the number of people accessing the service. Mai hopes that other institutions will follow the government's move and install more wireless hotspots for the convenience of the citizens.

Mai also emphasizes that the free Internet service is provided only to comply with the government's e-plan and to give more convenience to Hong Kong citizens to find out about new government services and rules.


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