Zheng Zhaodong, general manager of 1pai.com, an online auction joint venture between Sina (SINA) and Yahoo (YHOO), told local media yesterday that he hopes to work more with his competitors.

Zheng said that Chinese e-business service providers must overcome three major obstacles in 2005 before any company can make a great breakthrough in the sector. The first obstacle faced by C-to-C (consumer to consumer) operators is the lack of cooperation and interoperability among auction operators. To solve this problem, 1pai is intending to have an in-depth collaboration with eBay Eachnet and Taobao. Zheng has sent invitations to the management of the two companies, hoping to have cooperation between them through a summit meeting.

1pai plans to work with its counterparts in building a strong credit system and by improving their service quality (the other two obstacles for China's e-business development) so as to promote e-business in China.

Zheng also confirmed that the operation of 1pai will not be influenced by the changes surrounding Shanda's (SNDA) recent purchase of Sina's stock.


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