Believing that's new Chinese search engine tool has caused damage to its own web pages, (SOHU) has brought a lawsuit against three proprietors of 8848, including the Zhu Mu Lang Ma E-business Network Company. Sohu is seeking CNY1 million compensation and Beijing's Haidian District People's Court has accepted to hear the case.

In its petition to the court, Sohu says that 8848 has been taking advantage of Sohu's large indexed database, providing 8848 users with enhanced search tool software that includes links to 8848 pages on the Sohu pages and therefore decreases the speed of Sohu's servers.

The 8848 search tool is software that users download and add to their web browsers to enhance their searches. Companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have similar types of free services.

Sohu believes 8848 is publicizing itself through modifying Sohu's web pages, hence violating Sohu's copyright. Sohu also says 8848's tool constitutes poor competitive practices.

The defendants, 8848, have not submitted their response to the court. The date for the hearing has not yet been publicly distributed.


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