Zhengzhou's Er Qi District People's Court has now issued a ruling against China Unicom (Zhengzhou) and has told the telecom company to stop sending unwanted short messages to consumer Wang Tianyi. The court said the sending of unwanted messages violates the agreement made between the two sides when Wang bought his mobile phone contract.

On July 24, 2004, Wang Tianyi applied for the a special SMS service at a China Unicom branch office in Zhengzhou and agreed to pay the CNY50 special service fee per month. But he said he was often sent large quantities of unwanted short text messages by China Unicom. In addition, Wang told the court that China Unicom refused to issue him an invoice for the special SMS service fee after he prepaid CNY400 on November 1.

On December 24, Wang sued China Unicom, requesting the telecom giant to stop sending short messages not included in the service contract.

China Unicom told the court that it believed the messages it sent were important because they included major news events.

In its ruling, the court said it believes that China Unicom's sending of unwanted SMS messages had constituted a "disturbance" to Wang's life.


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