The State Language Committee (SLC) and China's Committee on Information Technology Standards / China Electronics Standardization Institute (CITS/CESI) have certified Bitstream's (BITS) GB18030 font, Bitstream Hei.

GB18030 is officially referred to as "Chinese National Standard GB18030-2000: Information Technology – Chinese Ideograms Coded Character Set for Information Interchange – Extension for the Basic Set." GB18030-2000 encodes characters in sequences of one, two, or four bytes, and can contain up to 1.6 million characters. It is a Chinese government-mandated conformance requirement for all products sold in China, effective as of September 1, 2001.

The SLC and CITS/CESI are Chinese standards groups that approve multilingual fonts for distribution within China. This includes the GB18030 font, which is China's approved Chinese character set.

The GB18030 font currently includes over 30,000 characters and supports Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Yi, and Uyghur.


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