AsiaInfo (ASIA) has signed contracts with China Netcom's subsidiary Jilin Netcom to provide AsiaInfo's billing software and online messaging software.

Jilin Netcom's decision to implement AsiaInfo's AIOBS solution comes in response to the need to upgrade its operating system, enhance and expand its broadband business and improve operating efficiency in the face of rapidly

growing subscriber rates. The system's unique design allows it to be easily modified or expanded to accommodate new features or business functions.

AsiaInfo's Mail Center (AIMC) flagship online messaging software is a carrier-scale messaging solution designed to support electronic mail systems for the full range of email services providers, from small Internet service providers to large-scale mail hosting providers with millions of mailboxes and thousands of domains. AIMC's flexible design provides web-based free email, basic email service and premium business secure email to end-users with the ability to scale both horizontally and vertically, allowing rapid expansion to accommodate additional capacity as needed.


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