PacificNet's (PACT.PK) Epro subsidiary has been selected by China Telecom's (CHA) Hainan Branch to provide CRM consulting and call center training services.

PacificNet Epro had previously served China Telecom's main customer service centers located in Jiangsu, Hubei, and Guangdong.

China Telecom's 10,000 information hotline was the first customer service center in China's telecom industry. The initial functions of the 10,000 hotline were to provide basic customer service such as answering customer questions, processing orders, and handling complaints. Beginning in 2005, China Telecom initiated a new corporate drive to improve its competitiveness by enhancing the function and quality of its 10,000 customer service center with a mission to enhance its overall customer service quality and user satisfaction.

PacificNet Epro was selected as China Telecom's CRM consulting and training partner, to help Hainan Telecom improve its CRM services with a goal to generate profit through CRM services, telemarketing and outbound telesales.


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