Hurray (HRAY) says it has signed a number of different deals to offer users music downloads in China.

In a joint release with Baidu (BIDU) the two companies announced that the latest single "Wo Zai Shi Jie Zhe Tou" ("I Am on This Side of the World") from Chinese pop star Chen Hao will be released simultaneously over Baidu's Internet and Hurray's mobile platforms without a traditional CD version being planned.

Additionally, under a licensing agreement with Celestia Entertainment International Co., Hurray will distribute songs from Chen Hao's latest album "Chen Hao" via its WAP, CRBT, IVR, MMS, SMS and other wireless value-added services.

It will also provide exclusive coverage of Chen Hao's 2005 concert tours across China through its wireless value-added services.

Commenting on this event, Hurray's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, QD Wang, said, "We are pleased to partner with Baidu, the leader in Chinese language Internet search, in this latest innovative effort. This is the first time the power of the Internet and mobile Internet are combined for music release in China. Hurray is taking another step forward in redefining digital music distribution and promotion in China after it successfully launched China's first mobile album 'You Are My Roses' earlier this year."


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