99Bill has worked with Maxthon to release the 99Bill Edition of the Maxthon Internet Browser. This customized 99Bill edition comes with bundled 99Bill toolbar and it could support basic 99Bill functions such as account login, account balance check, and quick payment.

With the browser, users also have the option to go to the 99Bill site for more sophisticated features and merchant tools.

Maxthon's Internet browser is a tool based on the Internet Explorer browser engine with a powerful and a highly customizable interface. It allows users to open multiple web pages in a single window, thus maximizing the utilization rate of the system resources and ensuring efficiency in obtaining network services.

Placing 99bill's toolbar inside Maxthon browser will bring instant convenience to Internet users for online payment and other value added services.

Now on the 99Bill platform, anyone or any business with a verified email address or a mobile number can accept

debit card and credit card payment in real time and send and receive payments easily, securely and promptly without exposing the recipient's personal information such as bank account, name and address.

In addition, Internet users and business customers can choose from 99Bill's diversified product portfolio and innovative merchant tools to meet their personal and business online payment needs.


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