Tom Online (Tom) announced a partnership with Intel (INTC) to be the key platform provider for the launch of the Intel i-Cafe Music Studio in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou in Henan province.

The Zhengzhou Intel i-Cafe Music Studio is the first of 13 such venues to be opened across China where the public can go to record their own music using Intel's advanced home entertainment music platforms.

Aspiring Chinese singers and songwriters can now take advantage of the first Internet cafe in Zhengzhou to be equipped with Intel's advanced digital home entertainment technologies enabling budding musicians to upload their music directly onto Tom Online's innovative online music platform Wanleba.

Through this cooperation singers/songwriters can share their music with Tom Online's national audience through and leverage Tom Online's market leading wireless distribution channels.

At the opening ceremony of the Intel i-Cafe Music Studio in Zhengzhou, attending dignitaries included senior officials from the Department of Culture of Henan Province, top internet singers and internet cafe owners. Hundreds of music fans and Internet users also witnessed and experienced the joy of creating and sharing music online and through the mobile phone.

The Intel i-Cafe Music Studio project is part of a series of the "Intel iCafe Community Day" program launched by Intel and the industry players to promote computer literacy through education, healthy entertainment and e- commerce activities.

The company has carried out a series of charity programs since September in Chinese cities including Xi'an and Changchun.


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