Konka reached an agreement with Intel on cooperation in digital home services.

At the same time, Konka also launched its first type of digital home product that was based on Intel's technology Viiv.

Ma Ming, general manager of Konka's digital network business department, announced that Konka would soon release another digital home product and try to become a pioneer in China's digital home entertainment realm.

Tu Menglong, deputy general manager of Konka's digital network service department, said that the cooperation with Intel, especially the release of Inone MEC2000 symbolized that the company had made remarkable achievement in the digital home area.

As a leader in the traditional home appliance industry, Konka has been keeping a close eye on the develoment trends in the digital home sector.

Konka has already set up 30 flag-ship stores in the country to have consumers experience online the rich content of digital home entertainment.


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