(CRM) has just released its Salesforce China Edition, tailored specifically for the Chinese market.

The company has priced the software at CNY888 per user, per year for either five or ten users.

"Salesforce China Edition is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst for growth for the emerging generation of Chinese entrepreneurs," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of at the Salesforce China Edition launch in Hong Kong. "A high-growth, fast-moving economy like China's requires business applications that can adapt quickly and scale efficiently. We are responding to the demands of Chinese customers with a product that delivers value, success and the guarantee of world-class enterprise quality and trust at a price that is affordable for businesses of any size."

The company says the Salesforce China Edition and its on- demand, multi-tenant model is well-suited for the Chinese market because it can be deployed and scaled quickly, and customized to keep up with continually evolving business goals and objectives.


  1. How can I stop salesforce spam e-mails in China?? What is the name and contact details for the president in China? They have continued to send me e-mail spam and I have asked to have it stopped. They replied last year and have my phone number and personal details and pledged to remove it, but this week I get more Salesforce CRM spam like this:

    [email protected]

    ???2014?2?25? ??1:30
    ???? ????????


    ??????????????? ??????????????????????????????

    ??????? ??????????????????? ?????????????Salesforce CRM???????????????????????

    ??????????????Salesforce CRM?????
    • ??????????????????????????????????
    • ?????????????????????????????????????


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