Hong Kong Broadband Network has launched a free legal movie download platform for all Hong Kong Internet users to enjoy.

This service allows any user in Hong Kong, irrespective of their Internet Service Provider, to legally download five exciting movies for free.

While all ISP users in Hong Kong will be able to enjoy this service, the only restriction is an 18 minute download time out. HKBN's Metro Ethernet bb100 (symmetric 100 Mbps) subscribers will be able to download an entire 4GB DVD format movie in less than 7 minutes. Unfortunately, other ISP subscribers on legacy ADSL platforms with 6Mbps download bandwidth are likely to take more than 1 hour to retrieve the movies, thereby exceeding the time out limit.

Furthermore, the symmetric nature of HKBN's 100 Mbps service means that bb100 users will be able to upload at the same speed as their download. Unfortunately, other ISP subscribers on legacy asymmetric ADSL with 640 Kbps upload bottlenecks are likely to take more than 15 hours to upload the movies.

The five initial movies, "Cocktail" starring Candy Lo and Race; "My Wife is 18" starring Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi; "Heat Team" starring Eason Chan and Aaron Kwok; "Tiramisu" starring Karena Lam and Nicolas Tse and "Shiver" starring Athena Chu; are now available for downloading on the platform.


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