Chongqing Telecom, which has taken up 80% of the broadband market share in Chongqing, has begun to target email spam.

Chongqing Telecom says that it will cut off the network access of any websites or individuals who are found to be sending unsolicited bulk email.

Currently, there are 1.3 million Internet users in Chongqing, and Chongqing Telecom says the majority of them have been troubled by spam.

The international anti-spam organization Spamhaus has previously frozen part of the IP addresses of Chongqing Telecom because some of them were identified to be sending spam, and this is why the telecom operator has now aimed to rid itself of spam.

Chongqing Telecom says it has already set up a special work team to handle complaints regarding emails and IP addresses. It has also asked each of the agents to pay some deposit before they launch a service.


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