Through the use of the NarusInsight IP traffic processing system, Shanghai Telecom will now be able to detect and mitigate rogue VoIP traffic on its network.

VoIP companies like Skype have fretted the use of these types of technologies, which can be used to block Skype traffic that competes with Shanghai Telecom's own VoIP services.

Designed in conjunction with a mitigation system from local Chinese partner and system integration from CommVerge Solutions, the Shanghai Telecom system leverages NarusInsight's VoIP Discovery application module to detect and analyze incoming VoIP traffic to correctly determine whether that traffic is authorized or not. If the VoIP traffic proves to be unauthorized, NarusInsight alerts the mitigation system to take action and block the traffic.

"Shanghai Telecom prides itself in providing the very best IP services to its customers," said Pu Chen, Chief Technical Director, CommVerge Solutions. "NarusInsight's unique combination of deep packet inspection and complete correlation will allow Shanghai Telecom to more accurately detect unauthorized traffic and take the actions necessary to ensure the health and quality of the services Shanghai Telecom provides to their valued customers."


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